Luis Miguel didn’t have a very good day in L.A.

By Madeleine Marr


A series of unfortunate events led to Luis Miguel having probably one of the worst days of his life.

The singer threw himself on the mercy of the court and got thrown in the slammer Tuesday after a federal judge in Los Angeles held him in contempt for failing to appear at court hearings, the AP reports.

Cool, so he surrendered peacefully, according to Deputy US Marshal Matthew Cordova. Miguel was released on bond a few hours later, but not before the crooner’s mug shot was taken for all eternity. Eek.

So what was the issue?

Miguel is caught up in a case with his former manager, William Brockhaus, who has demanded more than $1 million from the singer, and got it, the legal way.

The five-time Grammy winner was sued in Texas back in 2014; Brockhaus claimed the former Miami resident failed to pay as per a management (signed!) contract.

Court records show Miguel refused to be served nor did he appear at hearings to determine the way he would pay back damages to this guy.

So he paid. The hard way. For one day.