‘Batman’ star Joe Manganiello: Maybe I’ll retire in Miami

Joe Manganiello
Joe Manganiello

It’s not easy being Joe Manganiello.

Oh wait, my bad. It is.

Besides all the pumping iron to get in shape for his movies, he’s got it pretty good.

The Magic Mike star happens to be married to one of the hottest women on the planet, Sofia Vergara. They have a fantastic partnership going.

“I love just hanging out with my wife,” the actor told Ocean Drive’s latest issue. “We just have a great time together—we’re great, we just laugh all day long. If I had my choice, it would be just jumping in the car with my wife and taking a weekend trip somewhere.”

A trip may include one to South Florida, where the two were wed in a lavish ceremony at the Breakers.

Manganiello tells the mag why the couple chose the lavish Palm Beach hotel.

“You know, the marriage is for both of you, but the wedding is for the wife. She wanted to get married here, at the Breakers, which is such an unbelievable hotel. It’s like a European castle on the beach in Florida—it is insane. She expressed that’s where she always wanted to get married, so we flew out and checked it out and it seemed amazing. And that was it.”

The star of such upcoming movies as Smurfs: The Lost Village, The Batman (as Deathstroke) and Rampage, might even live here if he could escape the L.A. showbiz scene.


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“I usually visit at least once a year,” the onetime True Blood werewolf said of Miami. “If I had my way, or if I could live anywhere, it would be Miami, 100 percent. Or somewhere in Southern Florida. I like that humidity, the culture, the Cuban coffee, the cigars.”

Locals can only hope.

“Maybe one day I’ll wind up retiring here.”

Judging by his fitness routine, Manganiello could be around a while.

“Heading into my 40s, I really thought, I’m going to be 40 in a couple of years; I should make sure that these years are healthy and I’m pushing as hard as I can. Because, for example, the trainer that I’ve had for the past seven or eight years [celebrity fitness consultant[Ron Mathews] became the world’s fittest man over 45, and so I looked at him as a model for me.