Did Dr. Miami just get in a Twitter feud with Nicki Minaj?

Dr. Michael Salzhauer
Dr. Michael Salzhauer Miami Herald Staff

Uh oh. Miami reality TV star and plastic surgeon named Dr. Miami may have embroiled himself in a Twitter feud between rapper Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj, who has been known to do those things (see her epic battles with Farrah Abraham of “Teen Mom” and Taylor Swift).

The plastic surgeon narrowly avoided a huge Twitter spat in 2015 when he posted a picture autographed by Minaj on his Snapchat account to which Minaj asked via Twitter, “What were you insinuating?” The doc, real name Michael Salzhauer, replied, “Your butt inspires me” and “your butt is the most requested ‘model butt’ in Miami.”

But things recently weren’t as complimentary from the good doc, who took an opportunity to jab Minaj, who had the internet in an upheaval when unflattering photoshopped pictures of her derriere were disseminated en masse. To that, Salzhauer Tweeted, “Too bad I’m booked till 2019.”

As for what Ma has to do with all this? Well, her song “Shether” implied that Minaj’s rear implants were malfunctioning. The busy doc, meanwhile, who called Ma a “prophet” in his tweet, had time to throw out another one, saying about Minaj, “I guess she gon get familiar with me now.”

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