Chris Kattan on life after ‘DWTS’: I’ve got my Mango butt back!

Chris Kattan
Chris Kattan

Chris Kattan took home a parting gift from “Dancing with the Stars.”

A pert butt.

OK, so the comedian has the dubious distinction of being the first celebrity voted off the reality competition, but at least Kattan is looking as perky as he did during his days playing sexy Mango on “Saturday Night Live.”

“Now I wake up in the morning, have cereal, then I look in the mirror,” says Kattan, who is headlining The Casino @ Dania Beach at 8 p.m. Saturday. “I’m so excited. My underwear fit me better. Shake it! Shake it!”

His standup set will likely include a few jokes about his improved derriere as well as his “DWTS” experience, even though, in all seriousness, he did have a few sore feelings about how it all went down.

“I still am a little bummed we were cut because Witney [Carson, his partner] is an amazing dancer,” says the 46-year-old California native. “She deserves 10’s the whole way.”

Kattan had some physical limitations due to past injuries and surgeries and feels his physical condition should have been factored into the judging process.

“I mean, you’re competing against athletes like [gymnast] Simone Biles and [NFL star] Rashad Jennings. There’s no way.”

In retrospect, Kattan realizes the name of the game.

“I know I was there for comedic purposes,” he says. “But it’s hard because you get emotionally attached. I had never done anything like that before. I’m a fearless guy and figured, ‘Screw it! Why not?’ I did have a great time, though.”

Now that Kattan is freed up from rehearsing four to six hours a day and doing windmills on the dance floor, he’s back to his real job. The actor will soon be shooting a new sketch comedy (he can’t disclose details yet) and his voice can be heard on The Cartoon Network animated show “Bunnicula,” playing the lead bunny.

“It’s good to go back to work,” he says, adding. “Look for me later on for the finale of ‘DWTS’ and follow me on social media to see what I’m up to.”