Former Heat fan favorite Birdman back in Miami


We love you Birdman, we really do. We don’t love anyone as much as you (well, OK, Dwyane Wade is missed too).

Seriously now: What fun he was when he played for the Miami Heat, right? The man born Chris Andersen is such an, um, colorful guy. The basketball player was traded back in February of 2016 to the Memphis Grizzlies, but was pictured back in town on Tuesday morning at Starbucks in Edgewater. Celeb photographer Manny Hernandez got a shot of Birdman leaning over to the teeny barista and posted it to Twitter.

Hernandez wrote in the caption: “We need him back with the Miami Heat. #fanfavorite.”

Let’s just say the California native didn’t go unnoticed at the bustling cafe. Between the dozens of tattoos and his height (he’s six foot 10). We’re pretty sure the order was for a “grande” or at the very least, a “tall.”