A-Rod and J.Lo work up a sweat together (sort of) in Miami

By Madeleine Marr


The couple that works out together...stays together.

Let’s hope.

According to widespread media reports (and paparazzi pictures as proof), Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez were at the same private gym in Miami Wednesday, but arrived and left separately.

It’s unclear where this gym was exactly, but it has a stone facade.

Lopez looked fant-ab-ulous as always, flaunting her six pack with a skimpy sports bra as a top. Rodriguez was more buttoned up in a black workout jacket.

They just were in the Bahamas together, where they also enjoyed exercising.

That’s their thing.

A source previously told People that the onetime Yankee “is adamant that his woman be fit and work hard at it, and this is not even an issue with Lopez, who is beyond gorgeous and works to stay that way.”

UsWeekly reports that this thing has been going on about two months after the retired baseball player went to go talk to the singer/actress backstage at her “All I Have” Las Vegas show.

She’ll return in a few weeks to her residency gig, reports Hollywood Life.

A source told the site the duo will work out the distance issue: “[Rodriguez] is probably going to go to a show or two and will be in Vegas with [Lopez] when he is not working himself. It is not going to ruin their relationship status at all. At the end of the day, it is only 11 concerts, and it is in the same spot the whole time, and the show is only a few hours. They are both adults and if they can’t handle that then they wouldn’t be able to handle anything. It is as much of a non-factor as possible. They will be fine.”


Back to the days when my corner office was the hot corner.

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Instead of posting anything romantic, A-Rod Instagrammed a throwback Thursday pic of him on the field in a NY Yankee uniform.

And she’s been uncharacteristically mum on social media after deleting a photo of the two snuggling on vacay.