Composer Lang Lang: A perfume, a watch, a duet with Pharrell

Lang Lang
Lang Lang

Well rounded?

You could say that.

Lang Lang has played for three U.S. presidents, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, crowds at the Beijing Olympics — and with Metallica and Pharrell at the Grammys.

The piano superstar, heralded as the “hottest artist on the classical planet” by The New York Times, will be in Miami Saturday night playing the The John S. and James L. Knight Concert Hall.

Are you excited to play in Miami? Where do you like to go when you are visiting?

Yes I am! I always like the beach, and watching the sunrise by the sea.

What was it like performing at the Grammys with Pharrell? Different from concert halls?

It was exciting. Pharrell is an amazing artist. He inspired me a lot.

What music do you have your current playlist?

A wide range — from classical to jazz, pop to R&B.

Do you have a dream collaboration?

I always like to work with other musicians and enjoy the experience of trying other genres.

If you weren’t a musician what would you do?

I might like to be a comedian or painter.

You have your own perfume for both men and women. How did that come about?

I adore scents and was approached by famed fragrance creator Barbara Le Portz to create a niche perfume called Amazing that merged both of our worlds. I know a lot about raw materials and the sensations they procure. Perfume is like music — we try to hold a note but it always escapes.

You also have a watch coming out?

Yes, it has already launched. In collaboration with Hublot, the Swiss watch brand. We created two limited editions.

You sure are busy. Can you talk about your recent appointment as New York’s First Cultural Tourism Ambassador?

I am very honored. My work is to bridge the cultures and make people know and communicate with each other more.

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