Gabrielle Union makes fun of Dwyane Wade on national television

By Madeleine Marr


Gabrielle Union took a little shot at her hubby Dwyane Wade the other night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

The “Being Mary Jane” star made fun of the ex Miami Heat star’s age, of all things.

Talking about his Chicago Bulls teammates, Union told the host: “They’re like a couple years older than the kids we’re raising at home. It’s bizarre.” Wade turned 35 on Jan. 17. By the way, the actress is 44.

The insults didn’t stop there. Appearing on “The Real” the following day, Union again used her husband as the butt of the joke.

She told the hosts that while he has great moves on the basketball court, they are lacking on the dance floor.

“He’s terrible, but it doesn’t stop him,” said Union on the show. “God bless him though. He’s out there. He’s out there.”


“Inside, inside, he’s like, ‘I’m Usher. It’s happening, I’m doing it. And inside he’s got choreography, he’s like Debbie Allen from ‘Fame.’ But what happens when it goes from his brain to his extremities is not pretty.”

But don’t worry, they’re in love.