Deepak Chopra: In these divisive times, just breathe

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These days, it seems we can all agree on one thing — to disagree. And it’s exhausting.

Luckily Deepak Chopra is here to help. The soul searching New Age spiritualist will be in Miami next week for two speaking engagements to discuss his latest book, “You Are The Universe: Discovering Your Cosmic Self and Why it Matters,” tackling the mystery of our existence. It is written with top physicist Menas Kafatos.

When people attend your events what kind of questions do they ask?

There are so many that we don’t have answers to. A few would be: What is the biological basis for consciousness? What came before the Big Bang? Why does the universe fit together so perfectly together? Does God exist? Where did time come from? How did life first begin? Does the mind create the brain or does the brain create the mind?

So would you say most people ponder our purpose on earth or do they go about their daily business not giving it much thought?

I think this is a human quest: The meaning of life and death. Are we a minor speck of dust in an infinite, mindless void? A junkyard of infinity? What’s going on?

How much do you think the current political climate is affecting our states of mind?

While Mr. [Donald] Trump does his thing, you need to know who you are. Uncertainty is the basis of all creativity, I think. We should be asking ourselves, like all the great Eastern philosophers, ‘What is the opportunity to be gained here?’ ‘What is a different point of view we can offer?’ It is the only way to maintain a peaceful, sustainable, healthy world. There are cycles that mean progress. There are cycles of fear. Then we slowly evolve.

Onto lighter topics: We hear you are designing homes in Sunny Isles?

Yes, I have been tapped to help create Muse Residences, biologically sustainable houses, where the air is fresh, water is pure, lighting is circadian, in balance with your biological rhythms. I live in an apartment with such healthy-living amenities in New York City and hope to have a place in Miami part time. Your city has the culture, the wonderful Latino flavor. I love the smells, the breezes; the lifestyle is all very attractive to me.

What else is happening in your life?

In March, I am starting a public television show. It will have graphics and animation so people can see so my theories are not so abstract and can understand what I’m saying to them. I also have a free wellness mobile app called Jiyo, which has a 40 experts in the area of nutrition, personal relationships, social well-being, meditation, yoga, exercise, breathing and more.

Information: Chopra will appear at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts’ Knight Concert Hall 7:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. Feb. 13. For tickets, go to (a portion of proceeds go to sickle cell research). The following evening, he will be at the Donna Shalala Student Center at the University of Miami; 954-397-3251