Los 5 will mix holiday jingles with new EP at Jingle Ball

Los 5, L-R: Juan Pablo Casillas (Lead Vocals), Ismael Cano Jr. (Guitar), Tomas Slemenson (Drums), Hector Rodriguez (Bass). In front: Matt Rey (Rap Vocals)
Los 5, L-R: Juan Pablo Casillas (Lead Vocals), Ismael Cano Jr. (Guitar), Tomas Slemenson (Drums), Hector Rodriguez (Bass). In front: Matt Rey (Rap Vocals)

Los 5 are on fire!

After being handpicked as Elvis Duran’s Artist Of The Month and winning the iHeart Radio Rising Star contest, the band, aka Five Guys (no relation to the burger joint) have the honor of performing in the preshow during Sunday night’s Jingle Ball at the BB&T Center.

The Los Angeles-based musicians, whose members originally hail from from Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, released their debut EP earlier this year, “Meet Los 5.” Los 5’s most recent single, “Kings & Queens,” is currently being played on Radio Disney and Y100 Miami, and will definitely be included in the Jingle Ball set.

We talked to lead rapper Matt Rey before the trip:

Talk about what you all will be doing at the Jingle Ball concert.

We have been performing a high energy set through the entire Jingle Ball tour and you shouldn’t expect anything less than that from us. Performing our original music live is the best part of the job and we try to make that very obvious when we are on stage. Songs from our introductory EP will be in definite attendance. We also have some Christmas jingles prepared to set a jolly vibe.

You are presenting Nicky Jam at Jingle Ball -what do you think of that?

We are??? (Sshhh). We think it’s pretty freaking cool, we’ve always been fans of his work so it’s a pleasure and an honor to bring Nicky Jam out on the stage.

You were featured as Elvis Duran's Artist Of The Month earlier this year - how did that feel?

We started the band playing in the streets of Los Angeles and in empty bars around Hollywood, so for us, being featured on such an enormous television platform as the “Today” show with one of the biggest radio show hosts in the country — Elvis Duran — was a real milestone in our journey as a band.

What is your favorite song to do live?

Lately throughout the holiday season, our medley of “Feliz Navidad” and “Jingle Bell Rock” has been the best part of the show for us as far as how much fun we have on stage. Artistically, we love performing our modern throwback song “Satisfaction.”

Who is your major musical influence?

There are tons of places we pull our inspiration from but some of the biggest influences are artists like Coldplay and OneRepublic, Bruno Mars and Blink 182, Sin Bandera and The Beatles.

Are you excited about coming to South Florida? What do you like to do when you are here?

We love coming to South Florida and eating at all kinds of different restaurants. We are so thankful for all of the Argentinian, Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Brazilian food!

What other news do you have?

We humbly plan to take over the world via touring and promoting our music. The release of our Spanish EP has us overly excited for what 2017 will bring.