Nicki Minaj called out by mental health group for yelling at woman in Miami

By Madeleine Marr

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj

Oh, no, Nicki Minaj. What are you doing?

The singer is being called out after a recent trip to Miami Beach, where Minaj, from her car, harassed a woman on what appears to be Washington Avenue.

In a post shared on the music star’s Instagram account Monday, an irritated, elderly woman — who is in tattered clothing, holding a cup and smoking a cigarette — is seen yelling at Minaj, who is chuckling while filming her.



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“What do you want?” hissed the woman. “I don’t need your [inaudible] help!”

“Come here. What did I do?” heckled Minaj. “Miss! Miss! You look nice, can we talk?”

The grumpy woman walks away but keeps looking back at the car and ranting.

“Go away!”

The “Super Bass” rapper, who is engaged to Meek Mill, was soon called out by the local branch of the National Alliance on Mental Illness advocacy group, aka NAMI.

The mental health advocacy group told TMZ: “Nobody would make fun of a cancer patient and mental illness is an illness like any other.”

It is unclear what the woman on the street is suffering from, but is obviously upset.

Minaj has had no comment thus far and has yet to delete the post.