Jon Bon Jovi in Miami: We love our fans and we love to play live

Getty Images for SiriusXM

Bon Jovi put it all out there Saturday night. And the band’s performance had nothing to do with Art Basel, just pure, unadulterated, awesome music.

The famed ’80s rockers (minus lead guitarist Richie Sambora, who quit) showed up at the intimate Faena Theater in Miami Beach to promote their latest album, “This House Is Not For Sale,” as well as an eponymous, limited-run channel on SiriusXM.

Bon Jovi Radio will air in February 2017, when the band kicks off their “THISNFS” tour on Channel 18, so set your coordinates accordingly.

To celebrate, the satellite radio station invited about 200 VIPs and SiriusXM subscribers to a private concert; guests included Andy Cohen, who was in town for a karaoke-themed book chat with SoBe food fest founder Lee Schrager Saturday night, as well as famed designers Calvin Klein and Donna Karan. The private concert streamed live on SiriusXM.

Before the show, lead singer Jon Bon Jovi spoke to press backstage.

“I’m exhausted, to be honest,” said the 54-year-old frontman, who despite a tuft of gray hair still has that handsome baby face we knew and loved from those throwback MTV videos. “But I am really excited to be in Miami and for people to hear this album. We have been going a long time and we live for live performances. It’s kind of what we do.”

We had to ask: “So, are you guys halfway there yet?” The reporter’s question was a nod to the lyrics from the 1986 hit “Livin on a Prayer.”

“Oh, yeah,” laughed Bon Jovi. “We are definitely past the midway point! But our fans still stay with us.”

Despite the still-lithe guys moving into retirement-age territory, they put on a high-energy set with the well-heeled audience going nuts and singing along to such beloved tracks as “Wanted: Dead or Alive,” “You Give Love a Bad Name,” “Bad Medicine,” and “It’s My Life,” as well as new songs from the album. (“Livin on a Prayer” was the encore, to everyone’s delight.)

On stage, Bon Jovi joked about his glamorously gilded surroundings, mentioning that the “very red, very sweaty, cool little room” at the newly opened Faena hotel looked like a scene out of the Tom Cruise-Nicole Kidman swinger-themed movie “Eyes Wide Shut.”

“I’m getting myself in trouble,” chuckled the hunk, who has been married to the same, highly fortunate woman — high school sweetheart Dorothea Hurley — for more than 25 years.

And yes, after 15 songs, Jon looked tired and sweaty (insert “Slippery When Wet” joke here) but happy, flashing that famous high wattage smile of his.

The New Jersey rockers play the BB&T Center Feb. 12.