Why Marc Anthony can’t stay married: He may like being a bachelor

Shannon-de-Lima-y-Marc-Anthony credit


Marc Anthony’s marriage problems explained! Yes! Now we know! Thanks to People.

Seriously, no. We’re not trying to make light of the fact that the salsero was married a whopping two years. His now broken marriage to model Shannon de Lima was his third (he was previously married to Jennifer Lopez and beauty queen Dayanara Torres before that).

Anthony is not even 50, so we can’t blame a midlife crisis. But sources close to the situation say the diminutive Puerto Rican singer, who had two back to back concerts in Miami last weekend, is not a commitment type.

“Marc is so busy with his career, touring and recording that he distances himself from his relationships without even knowing it,” an insider in the Spanish music industry dishes to the publication. “Even with his wife in tow, she can feel like he is on another planet.”

Time to be a bachelor, dude!

Fans will still love you. (Lopez, the mother of Anthony’s twins, seems to be OK with the whole situation, judging by the exes’ amicable kiss at the Latin Grammys.)