Debra Messing, Susan Sarandon still going at it over politics

Messing AP

Call it the battle of the redheads.

“Will & Grace” star Debra Messing was the keynote speaker at the Greater Miami Jewish Federation’s Women’s Event Friday brunch at the Hilton Miami Downtown. Messing discussed what is was like to be raised Jewish in an Irish-Catholic neighborhood in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

We hope she stayed off political topics, because they are rarely pretty, especially these days.

Messing, like many Hollywood stars supported Democratic presidential candiate Hillary Clinton.

Fellow actress Susan Sarandon put her weight behind Bernie Sanders, who failed to win the nomination months ago, but will speak at the Miami Book Fair this weekend.

That the two women are still fighting over their favorites seems moot as Donald Trump is our president elect, but so it goes.

Because Sarandon is in the cross hairs again.

Messing recently called out the Oscar winner for suggesting in an interview that Donald Trump would make a better president than Clinton.

The 70-year-old later backpedaled but did say that, against what Messing, that The Donald is basically not the devil.

On Wednesday, Messing tweeted about Sarandon: “She encouraged ppl to vote for Trump over HRC on a news interview. Said she was more dangerous. She needs to be held accountable.”