Stuff celebrities love: Zendaya’s new fashion line

Daya by Zendaya
Daya by Zendaya


Cool! Last week Zendaya officially unveiled her Daya by Zendaya clothing and shoes line. The actress and recording artist says the pieces were inspired by her own journey to stardom, and represent all aspects of her life – who she is off screen and on. “One moment I’m at the Met Gala; the next moment I’m in joggers, grocery shopping and arguing with my niece about what quinoa is,” said the “K.C. Undercover” star. “You’ll see it all.” $18-$158.


Need a newfangled workout routine to shape up before the holidays? A hot new trend has come to Miami: VibeClass Fitness, already a hit in Brazil. VibeClass uses whole-body vibration technology to engage more muscles and is led by a one-on-one virtual trainer named Gina (yes, really). The best part: The whole thing only take 30 minutes. For gyms that offer classes: 305-944-4106;


How do Lana del Rey and Vanessa Hudgens get their red on? Insiders tell us that the stars can’t get enough of The Prisoner wine, especially when the temperatures drop every so slightly. This bold blend was described by as “a hedonistic blend” of Zinfandel, Cabernet, Syrah, Petite Sirah and Charbono. Trivia: The label was inspired by an etching by Spanish artist Francisco Jose de Goya, named “La Petite Prisonier.” Total Wine & More.

Thirsting for something competely different —literally? Check out Spindrift, the only sparkling water made with real, fresh, squeezed fruit. We’re talking no added sugar or artificial flavors. No nonsense. Hailey Baldwin recently posted a photo on insta of her drinking the Raspberry Lime flavor during a Guess shoot. It’s sold at Target, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Other flavors: Blackberry, Grapefruit, Cucumber, Lemon. More info: