‘The Voice’ winner Alisan Porter: I can’t wait to hang out with Paxton in Miami

Alisan Porter
Alisan Porter

Alisan Porter is living large these days, now that she’s devoted herself to singing full time. The former child star — movie-trivia buffs may recall her as the lead in 1991’s “Curly Sue” — won Season 10 of NBC reality competition “The Voice” back in May. On Saturday night, the blogger (“Ask Ali”) show off her set of pipes at the InterContinental Miami Make-A-Wish Ball. We spoke to Porter before the trip:

How did you first decide you wanted to be on the show?

I didn't really decide, actually. A friend gave my email to one of the casting directors, and the rest is history.

When did you start singing?

I started singing pretty much from birth I asked my mom if I could be in commercials when I was 3. My first professional singing job with star search at the age of 5.

What was the experience like? Whom did you bond with the most?

I would say the experience was incredible and also extremely tough at times. It's a really grueling process. [Miami contestant] Paxton Ingram was definitely my shining light throughout the whole season.

What was the biggest lesson you took away?

I think more than anything I learned that I had a lot more left to give to my craft.

What advice would you give others who wanted to get into reality competitions?

Don’t expect winning to be the end of paying your dues! It’s just the beginning. That’s when the real work starts. Also to know exactly who you are as an artist.

What are your current musical plans?

Making a record now with some pretty outstanding people. Stay tuned.

Who is your dream collaboration?

I think it already happened. With Xtina [Porter was on Christina Aguilera’s team].

What is something readers may not know about you?

I love essential oils and crystals.

What plans do you have in Miami beside the ball?

I’m super excited to hang out with Paxton. His new EP, “Sober,” is out now and is so amazing. Looking forward to exploring the city; I’ve never been there.

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