Kim Kardashian goes quiet on social media while thieves still at large


The search continues for the people responsible for Monday morning’s heist that netted robbers over $10 million of Kim Kardashian’s jewelry.

According to the Associated Press, Parisian police are analyzing footage from surveillance cameras. Two robbers dressed as policemen barged in the nameless hotel-residence and tied the reality star up and put her in a bathtub with zip ties. Eek.

But TMZ reports there is no footage at all. Which rumor mongers think is a little fishy.

“How did Kardashian free herself from being tied up in the bathroom?” private investigator Patricia D’Orsa-Dijamco said on the celebrity gossip site. “Or who found Kardashian in the hotel room or bathroom? If this was a publicity stunt, she could be in big trouble for making a false police report. Does Ryan Lochte sound familiar?”

TMZ has more details of the harrowing event.

Insiders tell the site Kardashian was “lying in bed with only her robe” when the thieves entered and “one of the men yanked the phone out of her hands.”

Meanwhile, Kim has gone quiet on social media.

Her last Twitter post was from Sunday, talking up her #KimKardashianGame character.



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Her last Instagram post was a picture of her in a raincoat, thigh high boots and not much else.

Husband Kanye West has canceled and rescheduled two tour dates. His tour will resume Friday in Chicago.



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He is the one who gave Kim the bling that got stolen; she has yet to take down the pic that some say was the causeof the heist.