Alex Rodriguez back home in Miami: It’s like a small town

Alex Rodriguez is on the cover of Ocean Drive’s annual October men’s issue
Alex Rodriguez is on the cover of Ocean Drive’s annual October men’s issue

What a ride it’s been for Alex Rodriguez.

Last month, the baseball player known to fans as A-Rod was released from the New York Yankees, and life is beginning fresh. Rodriguez is back in Miami, spending time with his two daughters, 8 and 11, and getting ready for a different chapter. When the playoffs begin, The New York Times reports he will start as a studio analyst for Fox Sports. It is likely the 41-year-old slugger would also contribute to next year’s All-Star Game in Miami.

A-Rod also talked to local glossy Ocean Drive, fronting the annual October Men’s Issue.

On retirement and what he will miss most about baseball: “Saying goodbye to the game was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do…I’ll miss my four at-bats every day. I’ll miss the fans, and I’ll miss the clubhouse.”

On his up and down relationship with Yankees team manager Joe Girardi: “Joe and I won a championship together, so that’s a bond that he can’t break. Every relationship has its emotional moments, but we had a nice talk before I left, and we will always stay in touch.”

On the defining moments of his career: “I think for me there’s three: the day I got drafted out of high school, the 2009 World Championship, and the whole 2015 season, the comeback. With all the adversity that I put myself through and being 40 years old and coming back, and being able to reach the postseason when we were big underdogs, that year was special.”

On the one pitcher he’s happy he doesn’t have to face anymore: “I would say Pedro Martinez in his prime. He’s one of the all-time greatest competitors—he was fierce on the mound, and he was going out there to destroy you every night. He had three almost unhittable pitches. The combination of his stuff and his competitiveness made him a handful.”

On what his retirement has been like so far: “I just retired a few weeks ago so I don’t know [what it looks like for me.]…I’m still processing the whole thing, but one of the perks is being around my girls all the time, and being able to sleep in on the weekends. The two things I’m focusing on most is spending more time with my girls and getting more involved in the community with organizations that I’ve been with a really long time, like the Boys & Girls Club and the University of Miami.”

On his retirement wardrobe: “As a kid, I used to see my dad wear a suit every day, and since I was 10 years old, I always wanted to wear two uniforms —a baseball uniform and a business suit. For me, simple is good. I wear a suit to work, but I also like to wear my A-Rod golf shirts and shorts. Pretty simple.”

On the Magic City: “Miami is where I grew up. It’s where my girls go to school. It’s where I learned how to play baseball at the Boys & Girls Club. It’s also good to be around people that have known me my entire life. Plus I love being close to the beach… the one thing about Miami is that it seems like a big city from afar, but when you live here, it’s really a small town. I love the fact that Mrs. Harper at St. Stephen’s [Episcopal Day School] taught my ex-wife, Cynthia, and also both of my daughters.”