Heidi Montag remembers ‘The Hills’ and says she loves reality TV

Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

Happy birthday to you, Heidi Montag!

The former “The Hills” star is celebrating her third decade on the planet in — where else? — Miami Beach at Sugar Factory Friday night.

The birthday girl will be joined with husband Spencer Pratt, her costar on the MTV docuseries (2006-2010) following a handful of stylish young women living in Los Angeles, including now semi household names Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port and Audrina Patridge, all of whom have gone on to do numerous projects in showbiz.

Montag married Pratt in 2009 and the couple were often known as “Speidi” as they were rarely apart.

The two are still going strong and have since appeared on a number of reality shows together — “Celebrity Big Brother,” “Celebrity Wife Swap” and “I’m A Celebrity — Get Me Out of Here!”

We caught up with Montag before her visit.

So your actual birthday is a day before the party. What will you be doing?

Well, I already got my big present. A food processor and blender. And I got to make my first smoothie. You know you’re turning 30 when all you want is kitchen items. It used to be I wanted a pair of shoes or a bag. But I do a lot of cooking — at least five or six nights a week, plus lunch and breakfast — and will put them to good use. There were a lot of recipes I haven’t been able to do that I can now —more soups, sauces, things like that. It’s better than eating out, which is really expensive, plus food isn’t the same quality as when it’s made from scratch. It’s a habit.

Does Spencer cook with you?

I tell him, ‘If I cook, you clean.’ But then he complains about how many millions of dishes there are [laughs]. He hates that part. I’m like, ‘Sorry, honey.’

So do you guys have any television projects coming up?

We love TV, and if it’s a show that makes sense and we enjoy it, we’ll do it. We do have something coming up in the new year but I can’t say what yet. It’s very great. We’ve done a lot since ‘The Hills.’

Is it weird for you that ‘The Hills’ just celebrated its 10-year anniversary?

It seems like so long ago, but then it seems like yesterday. I was only 19 when the show started. I think a lot of people don’t understand that we were very young. That’s how it got so crazy and it often descended into such chaotic situations. At that time, there weren’t that many reality shows. We were kind of pioneers. We didn’t have anyone to look to for examples on how to figure out the formula. It was crazy and fun; we made a lot of mistakes plus a lot of great choices at the same time.

What do you think of the genre now and how it’s evolved?

I basically watch almost every show that is on. I love reality TV, for the entertainment factor. I don’t care whether it’s scripted or not, whether it’s re-enacted. I can appreciate all the ‘Housewives’ and all the ‘Bachelors’ and all the ‘Kardashians.’ I can’t get enough of ‘Dance Moms’ or ‘Love and Hip Hop.’ It’s a career for so many people, who can really take their success to the next level. But these shows now are also a lot more intense because there is so much more at stake. In retrospect, ‘The Hills’ was very tame compared to what you see now.

You and Spencer have been together a while. Do you think about having kids?

Yes, definitely. I know I want to be a mom and Spencer will make a great dad. Next year we are starting that next chapter. Right now we have four dogs — two Pomeranians and two Maltipoos — and they are a lot of work! They’re kind of like having children. So, yeah, looking forward to expanding the family past the dogs. I would like two kids while I’m young enough to have the energy for both.

Any other plans while in town?

We are definitely going to the beach and trying out some awesome restaurants. Miami is a perfect setting for a birthday.

Wannabe guests at Montag’s Sugar Factory birthday party, from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday, are encouraged to make reservations by calling 305-604-0323.