Gripping case draws lawyer back into practice

Gone Again. James Grippando. Harper. 400 pages. $26.99
Gone Again. James Grippando. Harper. 400 pages. $26.99

In his 13th novel about Miami attorney Jack Swyteck, Gone Again (Harper, $26.99), James Grippando leads the reader on a twisting tale about grief, obsession and the disintegration of a family.

Jack has struck a deal with Miami’s Freedom Institute, where he started his law career more than a decade ago, mainly to help out the financially strapped group. But his resolve not to take any cases is challenged by Debra Burgette, whose teenage daughter Sashi was murdered about five years before. Sashi vanished on her way to school and ex-con Dylan Reeves is on Death Row, awaiting execution. But Debra wants Jack to represent Dylan so he can stop the execution because Debra believes Sashi is still alive.

Grippando, who lives in Coral Gables, keeps all the plot threads briskly moving while keeping Gone Again believable. Debra’s fanaticism is realistically portrayed and while understanding her motives is easy, Grippando also shows the destructive nature of her fixation. He also gracefully weaves in Jack’s pending fatherhood and his loving relationship with his pregnant wife, Andie, an FBI agent, without losing the story’s suspense. Grippando’s career includes a a number of superb novels, and Gone Again ranks at the top of his work.

Oline H. Cogdill reviewed this book for the Sun Sentinel

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