Beer of the week: New Belgium La Folie

Beer: New Belgium La Folie

Style: Sour brown ale

Alcohol: 7 percent by volume

Price: About $16 for a 22-ounce bottle at Total Wine & More

Story: Step into the world of sour beers with La Folie, a brown ale from Colorado’s New Belgium Brewing that possesses all the hallmarks of sour: aromas and flavors of tart cherries and malt vinegar, the mouth-puckering feel of a green apple, and a sharp, prickly finish. La Folie is brewed then aged in wood barrels for up to three years, where it develops acidity and wine-like tannins. Sour beers are an acquired taste, for sure, but La Folie is an excellent start.

Pairing: La Folie is incredible with roasted duck; its sharpness cuts through fatty, crispy skin and legs, and its tartness serves as a lovely complement to breast meat, like a side of sauteed cherries or orange sauce. Try it with the marinated, roasted half duck with black currant sauce from Hy Vong, 3458 SW Eigth St., Miami.

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