Screen gems: What’s ahead in movies and on TV for the week of June 29

Big screen

Opening Wednesday

Tammy (R): After losing her job and learning her husband is cheating on her, a woman (Melissa McCarthy) hits the road with her alcoholic grandmother (Susan Sarandon) in search of some payback.

Earth to Echo (PG): A group of kids helps a cute little alien left behind on Earth. You know, kinda like E.T. Okay, just like E.T.

Deliver Us From Evil (R): A New York City police officer (Eric Bana) teams up with a priest (Edgar Ramirez) who specializes in exorcisms to investigate a series of supernatural crimes. The Exorcist meets the buddy-cop movie.

Snowpiercer (R): Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, Tilda Swinton and Octavia Spencer are among the passengers of a bullet train carrying the last remaining human survivors after our planet is decimated by an ice age in director Bong Joon-ho’s spectacular action adventure.

Third Person (R): Liam Neeson, Mila Kunis, Kim Basinger, Adrien Brody, Olivia Wilder and James Franco are among the lovers and would-be lovers in this trio of interlocking love stories directed by Paul Haggis (Crash).

Begin Again (R): Once writer-director John Carney returns with another song-heavy story, this one about the friendship between a young singer (Keira Knightley) and a disgraced music executive (Mark Ruffalo).

Rene Rodriguez

Small screen

The Leftovers (10 p.m. HBO Sunday): New drama series from Damon Lindelof of Lost follows a small town three years after many residents vanished during a possible “rapture.”

Under the Dome (10 p.m. CBS Monday): As season 2 kicks off, the giant contact lens isn’t just impenetrable, it’s now magnetic, too. I’m taking that to mean it attracts lots of viewers … who have absolutely nothing better to do.

30 for 30 (8 p.m. Tuesday ESPN): The documentary “White, Blue and White” examines Argentine soccer stars Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa, who took their team to victory in the 1978 World Cup.

Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular (8 p.m. Friday NBC): Host Nick Cannon welcomes Ariana Grande, Lionel Richie and other performers to Manhattan’s holiday celebration.

Austin Roe

Austin American-Statesman