Churchill’s Pub owner accepts offer to sell venerable live music club in Little Haiti

Churchill’s Pub has been a bastion for local musicians to rock, squawk and shout for decades.

And the Little Haiti mainstay, opened in 1979 by Dave Daniels, might still rock on for years to come.

Or maybe not. Daniels, 74, says he has accepted an offer to sell to an undisclosed investor. “The legal status, at the moment, is that someone made me an offer which I accepted. He has 60 days to do due diligence. If he still wants to buy it, it goes ahead,” Daniels said.

Daniels, a veteran of the British music scene who promoted concerts in the 1960s by name acts like Eric Clapton and Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, brought his knack for promoting live music to the inner city by featuring countless bands on his stages — he estimates some 20,000 since its opening. And Churchill’s went for all styles: Rock. Blues. Punk rock. Noise rock. Bands with names like Holy Terrors and Kreamy ‘Lectric Santa.

But road repairs that hurt lunchtime business and other hassles have Daniels ready to call it quits on the still-popular venue.

If the deal goes through, changes wouldn’t be seen until mid-May. The new owner has indicated live music would be part of the mix, Daniels said, and he would consult for a period of time into the fall.

“Then I’d get out of the country for a few moments,” Daniels said. “I haven’t been to England for five years. I tend to be a prisoner here. I should have sold it five years ago.”