An Uber driver from Miami was attacked in a drunken rant — by a prosecutor

An Uber car drives through LaGuardia Airport in New York.
An Uber car drives through LaGuardia Airport in New York. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

A drunken evening riding in an Uber proved costly for one Texas woman.

Jody Warner, 32, was fired from her job as Dallas County assistant district attorney Monday after audio emerged of her berating a driver Friday night.

She addressed reporters on Tuesday, explaining her actions.

“I embarrassed my family. I embarrassed myself. That is not who I am,” Warner tearfully told the press. “I want to apologize for my language to the district attorney’s office for embarrassing the office that I love very much and respect very much.”

Warner, who worked in the crimes against children unit, admitted she had too much to drink before the ill-fated trip.

Driver Shaun Platt, who according to Facebook, is originally from Miami Springs, told ABC News that he thought alcohol was to blame for Warner’s rant.

“She kept saying she’s an assistant DA and said, ‘Who are they going to believe, you or me?’ And I said, ‘You know what? You’re kind of right,’ so I took out my phone and I recorded it.”

(You can hear the disturbing interaction on Reddit here)

In the audio, you can hear Warner slurring her words, telling Platt that he needs to get her to her destination, while he insists she leave his vehicle.

“I felt uncomfortable with the route that he was taking me,” Warner said. “The route was just a different way that I'd ever been taken.”

In the audio, she continues to rant and curse.

“You’re so stupid. I want the cops to come so that they can f--- you up,” Warner can be heard saying.

He finally did call the police. When cops arrived, Platt did not press charges.

In another case of he said/she said, Platt claims Warner hit him. She insists she never touched him.

Fourth-year neurology resident, Anjali Ramkissoon, is on administrative leave after hitting and screaming profanities at an Uber driver in the Brickell area.


In April 2016, Miami neurologist Anjali Ramkissoon was sacked from her job at Jackson Health System after a drunken, profanity-laced verbal attack on an Uber driver at Mary Brickell Village.