He just bought OJ’s Miami house. Now come the jokes (and questions)

Christopher Corey in his Kendall home
Christopher Corey in his Kendall home

Halloween should be an interesting day around Christopher Corey’s household.

Instead of buying candy, the Kendall resident might want to add a little extra security.

Corey is the spanking new homeowner of O.J. Simpson’s old house, which the fallen football hero bought in September 2000. It fell into foreclosure in 2015.

“That’s the joke I get from everyone,” says Corey, who owns a sports/hospitality advertising company in Coral Gables. “Aren’t you afraid O.J. is going to come to your house?”

The property at 9450 SW 112th Street was on the market back in July for $1.3 million, reported Gossip Extra; Corey paid an undisclosed amount.

Owning Simpson’s home is a conversation starter, all right. It also comes with unexpected features, like getting the former Buffalo Bills’ player’s mail.

Just the other day, Corey received an envelope that felt as if a trading card were inside.

“I obviously can’t open it,” says Corey, whose mother coincidentally works with Simpson’s son Justin at Coldwell Banker in the Tampa area. “I’ll try to forward it to him somehow.”

The four bedroom, four bathroom house is also a fortress, thanks to the previous owner, Fernando Isturiz, who bought it in 2013 for $513,000 and made major renovations.

Corey took possession of the sprawling mansion Sept. 18, just before Hurricane Irma tore through South Florida.

“The home has all this impact glass,” says Corey, a single father of two. “Not one tree went down, either. The place is sturdy, that’s for sure.”

OK, it’s safe from a disaster, but not from inquiries.

“It’s the curiosity factor — the questions,” says Corey of Simpson, who was acquitted in 1995 of the double murder of his ex wife and her friend. “I mean, it’s a tough thing to joke about, because he is an accused murderer, but it’s hard for people to resist.”

Corey had his eye on the mansion, back when he was a teenager, growing up in the area and attending Christopher Columbus High School.

“When I first saw it, I thought, ‘How the hell do people afford this? I need to talk to my guidance counselor.’”

Years later, when the 34 year old businessman found out the house was for sale, he knew he wanted in (he had no clue who the previous tenant was).

“All my friends and family were saying, ‘Chris, it’s too expensive.’ I said, ‘Shut up. This thing is mine.’”

When Corey heard Simpson had lived there, it didn’t bother him. Still doesn’t.

“I have party jokes for years to come.”

Simpson was released from a Nevada prison Oct. 1 after serving nine years of a 33-year sentence for robbery and kidnapping. He reportedly has plans to return to Florida, perhaps the Naples area.