‘Hamilton’ creator to Trump: There will be ‘American deaths on your watch’ if you wait on Puerto Rico

Lin Manuel Miranda
Lin Manuel Miranda

Puerto Rico is hurting and celebrities with ties to the island are stepping up to help.

Lin Manuel Miranda is leading the charge. The “Hamilton” creator, whose parents are from Puerto Rico, is urging people to donate to the Hispanic Federation, a nonprofit organization supporting Latino families and institutions.

On Monday, Miranda amped things up, responding to a tweet from Huffington Post reporter Jennifer Bendery, who says the White House was “expected to send disaster aid request to Congress in 1st/2nd week of Oct for Puerto Rico. That gets ball rolling.” Bendery has been covering President Donald Trump’s some say slow reaction to the natural disaster.

After Hurricane Maria ripped through the tourist destination known as La isla del encanto (The Enchanted Island) on Wednesday as a Cat 4, 100 percent of people were left without power, and the infrastructure is an utter mess. Residents are running low on food, gas and access to clean water.

Miranda tweeted directly to Trump: “Hey @realDonaldTrump you can’t wait that long. There will be a lot of American deaths on your watch if you wait that long.”

The post received 10,000 retweets in its first three hours up.

Commenters were in full force.

“What’s so sad is, these aren’t the lives he cares about. I don’t know if he cares about anyone that doesn’t have wealth or his last name.”

“He could have, at any time, interrupted the very important dissing of the NFL to send the USNS Comfort naval ship to help out...”

“He’s got a fight with the NFL going on. You can’t expect him to you know, do his job.”

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