Daredevil goats found 50 feet above ground and clinging to highway bridge

Rescuers use a crane to pluck two goats off a Pennsylvania bridge.
Rescuers use a crane to pluck two goats off a Pennsylvania bridge.

Life on the farm can get pretty dull. Or at least it did for these two daredevils.

Pennsylvania State Police were on patrol when they suddenly discovered two goats wandering around away from their farm.

Police needed to get the goats home – that was clear. The only problem? They were 50 feet in the air and standing on the slim metal edge under a massive highway bridge near New Castle, TribLive reported.

Two goats had to be rescued from underneath a 50-foot bridge after apparently wandering away from their farm. State workers used a crane to remove the goats from the underside of the Mahoning River Bridge. Pennsylvania Turnpike/Facebook

Police called the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, which provided a crane. Workers rolled it out onto the Mahoning River Bridge, then PennDOT, state troopers and Pennsylvania Turnpike employees worked together to help grab the goats and take them back home.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike posted about the dramatic rescue on Facebook, where the story has been shared nearly 40,000 times.

People are happy the goats got to have a little bit of adventure – and are happy rescuers were able to come together to stage the perfect extraction.

While the pictures of the two little goats stranded atop a huge bridge may make humans a little squeamish, the truth is the animals were probably doing just fine.

Goats (and especially mountain goats) are extraordinary climbers whose hooves are shaped to ‘lock’ on to any imperfections in rocky terrain, according to Forbes. Goats have even been spotted casually clambering up near-vertical dams and walls.

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