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Speaking Volumes: Incredible Backyard Designs

Hybrid tropical modernism, transformative greenery, and unobstructed views. For South Florida residents, outdoor green living space and backyard waterfront gardens are easy to come by. And with the natural abundance of overflowing foliage acting as a canopy against exhilarating swimming pools, there’s a bounty of out of the box design savvy rooftop decks, pastel colored plush landscapes and contemporary seating areas to enjoy a mid-summer night’s evening all year round.

So, with the arrival of fall and the urge to spend every moment in outdoor rooms, we’re offering an inside look into three backyard living spaces that are idyllic to lounge next to the pool, relish over an afternoon of al fresco dining or read a novel book under a lineup of guarded palm trees. Whether a living roof providing a whimsical aesthetic, a ground floor reflecting an imperfect storybook setting or a modern take on a calming oasis, these majestic backyards are just as incredible as the homes they accompany.

Sotheby_Second Image_370 S Hibiscus Dr2.jpg

Ultra-Modern Rooftop Oasis, Miami Beach

370 S Hibiscus Drive, Hibiscus Island

Punching up a restrained rooftop environment, this Miami Beach pleasure dome expertly takes the ground level upstairs with a sophisticated sitting area, gourmet chef’s kitchen, and spa lending a new term to the meaning backyard. Taking advantage of an additional outdoor living space with surrounding waterfront views, the benefits of this green rooftop deck are endless and add appreciated value to the property while resulting in additional rooms to entertain in for family and friends. But if you’re looking for comfort and ease, this exclusive modern oasis has it all with a white, bright, and airy ground floor vista offering hybrid living and poolside straight lines decorated with contemporary aesthetics.

Sotheby_Third Image_700 Casuarina2.jpg
2018 © Nickolas Sargent Photography Nickolas Sargent Nickolas Sargent

Balmy Tropical Outdoor Landscaping, Coral Gables

700 Casuarina Concourse, Gables Estates

A secret garden-esque sprawling outdoor living space. This satin covered estate helming the namesake El Palmar dawns a storybook setting with a layer of ocean blues. Designed by renowned architect Cesar Molina in collaboration with landscape artist Raymond Jungles, El Palmar is an Oceanside play lawn with indigenous trees and mature foliage rooted in its veins. But its lush backyard landscape, though embedded with high design pergolas and exquisite greenery, isn’t buttressed in a manicured order. Offering a natural sanctuary fit with an imperfect garden of native species, a stunning koi pond and coral rock pathways, El Palmar exemplifies a romantic backyard that’s picturesque without being pompous. Studded with composure and fierce with wild succulents.

Sotheby_Fourth Image_8765 Horseshoe Lane2.jpg

Limitless Escape, Boca Raton

8765 Horseshoe Lane, Boca Raton

Transport to fantasy and lounge in luxury inside this gated Boca Raton private property designed by international award winning firm, Pepe Calderin Design. A warm-weathered estate doubled as a backyard escape, this South Florida retreat makes taking a vacation easy by simply stepping outdoors. Dawning expansive grounds with no boundaries, staying at home never felt so good with limitless lake views, ample lounging quarters, and a new modern pool anchored adjacent to a summer kitchen. Surrounded by towering foliage, this completely open backyard allows guests to feel connected to the serene neighboring landscape, creating an outdoor living space that’s more than a place to take a dip in the pool but a reverie with an architectural statement.

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