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Peyton Manning’s 58.70 points in Denver’s shootout win in Dallas earns his third title in five weeks and expands his already huge season lead in the Miami Herald’s Passer Success System (PASS) NFL quarterback rankings. Miami’s Ryan Tannehill bumps up from 13th to 10th place despite a so-so Week 5 performance. This is the 16th season for the Herald rankings, and our simple formula remains unchanged since its inception in 1998, factoring accuracy, yardage, TD/interception ratio and team result. These are passer rankings per se and do not weigh a QB’s running ability. Most rating systems, including the NFL’s and ESPN’s, are complicated and percentile based, allowing players who miss half a season to still win a passing title. Our rankings are cumulative, placing a premium on passers who are consistently productive and avoid injury or benching. Because they are cumulative, QBs on a bye week take a temporary hit that evens out over the course of a season. Find our updated weekly 2013 rankings in this space every Sunday.


Rk LW WK5 Season
1 Peyton Manning, DEN 1 58.70 278.20
2 Drew Brees, NO 2 48.40 214.10
3 Philip Rivers, SD 3 40.55 205.50
4 Tony Romo, DAL 4 51.30 201.05
5 Matt Ryan, ATL 5 48.95 192.45
6 Matthew Stafford, DET 6 26.10 160.20
7 Jay Cutler, CHI 8 38.90 153.30
8 Aaron Rodgers, GB 11t 31.70 144.55
9 Matt Schaub, HOU 7 2.65 133.30
10 Ryan Tannehill, MIA 13 20.35 133.15
11 Sam Bradford, STL 16 29.10 132.75
12 Andrew Luck, IND 14 25.45 132.60
13 Andy Dalton, CIN 17 25.60 128.75
14 Alex Smith, KC 11t 15.25 128.10
15 Tom Brady, NE 9 4.85 118.55
16 Robert Griffin III, WAS 10 BYE 113.10
17 Geno Smith, NYJ 25 35.95 108.45
18 Ben Roethlisberger, PIT 15 BYE 105.55
19 Joe Flacco, BAL 20 21.45 105.00
20 Russell Wilson, SEA 19 12.50 102.85
•  Dropout: Jake Locker, TEN, 18th to 22nd.
•  Week’s best: P. Manning, DEN, 58.70 (33-42, 414, 4-1 in win).
•  Week’s worst: Schaub, HOU, 2.65 (19-35, 173, 0-3 in loss).

Note: Thursday’s results included in following week’s chart.

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