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Pizza man robbed, shot in Southwest Miami-Dade

- The Miami Herald , Jul 13
The Miami Herald

Miami-Dade police detectives were looking Sunday for two masked men who, they say, robbed a pizza delivery man at gunpoint in Southwest Miam... i-Dade and then shot him as he tried to drive away.

South Dade

After 54 years, Robert is Here is still packing in people for shakes, fruits and baked goods

- The Miami Herald , Jun 27
The Miami Herald

Selling tropical fruits, shakes and baked goods, Robert is Here in South Dade has been drawing crowds for more than 50 years


Homestead police chief Al Rolle under probe in records destruction

- The Miami Herald , Jun 26
The Miami Herald

The chief, and others in the department, are under investigation for allegedly participating in a scheme to destroy public records in the ca... se of a fired cop.


Homestead mayor replaces members of housing board

- The Miami Herald , Jun 20
The Miami Herald

Homestead Mayor Jeff Porter has replaced four of the seven board members of the city’s embattled housing authority.


Walmart prepares to open store in Naranja

- The Miami Herald , Jun 13
The Miami Herald

Come early July, residents of Naranja can expect to welcome Walmart into their community.

Criminal court

Teen pleads guilty in accidental South Miami-Dade school bus shooting

- The Miami Herald , Jun 10
The Miami Herald

Jordyn Howe accidentally shot a girl on the school bus but a plea deal her mother blessed will keep him out prison.

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