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Cuba flights getting scarcer, but MIA still the premier gateway to get there

An American Airlines jet is prepared for the inauguration of AA’s regularly scheduled service from Miami to Cienfuegos on Sept. 7, 2016. American says its last flight to Cienfuegos will be Jan. 8, 2018.
Raúl Castro: Will he stay in power in Cuba or retire?
Venezuela needs our attention, but so do dictatorships-in-waiting Nicaragua and Bolivia
Pentagon upholds Marine general’s contempt conviction in USS Cole legal dispute
After years of letting captives own their artwork, Pentagon calls it U.S. property. And may burn it.
The storm-ravaged Caribbean just got $2 billion to rebuild. But is that enough money?
Trump’s visit to Florida met with protests over immigration decision for Haitians
Venezuelan officials accused of crimes against humanity in The Hague
Give peace a chance? In Colombia, some are finding it hard to do

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