Mathematics | Silver Knight Winners

10/29/2008 7:07 PM

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1959 Mark Elsen,Miami Beach
1960 Grier Edmunds, North Miami
1961 William Zane, Coral Gables
1962 Michael Machtey, Coral Gables
1963 Norton Greenfeld, Coral Gables
1964 Laura Jordon, Palmetto
1965 Alfred Sklar, La Salle
1966 Mitchell Marks, Southwest
1967 Sheldon Axler, Palmetto
1968 David Evans, Carol City
1969 Arthur Ellis, Hialeah
1970 Linda Pritikin, Miami Beach
1971 Thomas Webb, Columbus
1972 Dana Weinkle, Coral Gables
1973 Daniel Acton, Palmetto
1974 Fred Cohen, Miami Beach
1975 Benigno Sanchez, Miami Springs
1976 Judy Smith, Palmetto
1977 Mark Adler, North Miami Beach
1978 Marvin Greenberg, North Miami Beach
1979 Irvin Lustig, Coral Park
1980 Joseph Pelissier, Killian
1981 Gregor Bailar, South Miami
1982 Caroline Richardson, Palmetto
1983 Gustavo Espinosa, Hialeah-Miami Lakes
1984 Jeffrey Friedland, North Miami High
1985 Eric Crane, Killian
1986 Richard Rozencwaig, Miami Beach
1987 Jodi Mumford, American
1988 Evan Indianer, Palmetto
1989 Joseph Del Toro, Sunset
1990 Sharon Kushner, Miami Beach
1991 Giovanni Della-Libera, Coral Gables
1992 Valeria Lacayo, Braddock
1993 Rachel Ventura, North Miami Beach
1994 Robert Amaya, Miami Beach
1995 Jennifer Negrin, Coral Gables
1996 Aldo Gonzalez, Miami Beach
1997 Andrew Kamons, Palmetto
1998 Li Fen Cai, Southwest
1999 Annette K. Rodriguez, Our Lady of Lourdes
2000 Lance Anderson, Miami Springs
2001 Jenny Tsai, Coral Gables
2002 Ran Huo, Dr. Michael Krop
2003 Matthew Winston, Palmetto Senior
2004 Johana Oviedo, Southwest Miami Senior
2005 Philip Kates, Westminster Christian
2006 Gongqi He, Palmetto
2007 Bryan Landman, Michael Krop



1984 David Lee,Boyd Anderson
1985 Susan Beck, South Plantation
1986 Joan Brown, Hallandale
1987 Daniel Korn, Coral Springs
1988 Michelle Ryf, Deerfield Beach
1989 Lawrence Carson, Plantation
1990 Scot Dawson, Miramar
1991 Andrew Morris, Coral Springs
1992 Chuck Thaung, Boyd Anderson
1993 Kenny Wolf, Nova
1994 Connie Leidy, Deerfield Beach
1995 Lauren Fletcher, Marjory Stoneman Douglas
1996 Dharmesh Mehta, Marjory Stoneman Douglas
1997 Adrien Ponticorvo, Chaminade Madonna
1998 Zubin Teja, J. P. Taravella
1999 Christopher Schneider, St. Thomas Aquinas
2000 Robert Lavan, Hollywood Hills
2001 Michael Hersh University School
2002 Christine Dinh, Western
2003 Brett Orvieto, Univ. School @ Nova SE
2004 John Kurien, Stranahan
2005 Lauren Bugg, Cooper City
2006 Michelle Burson, Cypress Bay
2007 Victoria Bender, South Plantation

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