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10/29/2008 6:53 PM

10/29/2008 6:53 PM

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1959 Laurence Johnson,Edison
1960 Carlton Cole, Coral Gables
1961 Leslie Gross, Coral Gables
1962 Jack Catlin, Coral Gables
1963 Geoffrey Joseph, Coral Gables
1964 Patricia Partney, Palmetto
1965 Sandra Fascell, Palmetto
1966 Celia Mullane, Palmetto
1967 John Sumberg, North Miami
1968 Micheline McCarthy, Palmetto
1969 Judy Gentry, Killian
1970 Paul Steinhardt, Coral Gables
1971 Celeste Schenck, Coral Gables
1972 Richard Kram, Killian
1973 Scott Perwin, Coral Gables
1974 Laura Esserman, Palmetto
1975 Stephen Snyder, Palmetto
1976 James Toomey, Edison
1977 Manuel Vellon, Miami High
1978 Danny Ertel, Miami Beach
1979 Robert Brown, Columbus
1980 Jimmy Morales, Miami Beach
1981 Bill Wescott, Palmetto
1982 Carlos Rodriguez, Columbus
1983 Travis Porco, Homestead
1984 Manuel Cox, Central
1985 Fei Shih, South Miami
1986 Wendy Chung, Killian
1987 Richard Coaxum, Carol City
1988 Jonathan Gross, Killian
1989 Edith Chen, Killian
1990 Jason Gross, Kilian
1991 Amber Baskette, Hialeah-Miami Lakes
1992 Eric Nierenberg, Coral Gables
1993 Chris Heggen, Coral Gables
1994 Vivek Murthy, Palmetto
1995 Ira Gerhardt, Coral Gables
1996 Mandana Dashtaki, Miami Beach
1997 David Roddenberry, Palmetto
1998 Alex Young, Palmetto
1999 Raag Dar Airan, MAST Academy
2000 Blake Boulerice, Southwest
2001 Elliott Mogul, Coral Gables
2002 Xiaolong Zhou,Palmetto
2003 Stephen Koren, Mast Academy
2004 Joshua Au, Miami Palmetto Senior
2005 Shannon Knee, Michael Krop
2006 Xavier Gonzalez, Coral Park
2007 Daniel Edilberto Lage, Gullive



1984 Karin Fendl, Nova
1985 Kevin McGlothlin, Northeast
1986 Keith Kilgore, Coconut Creek
1987 Lawrence Kaye, Cooper City
1988 Colleen Grady, St. Thomas Aquinas
1989 Wai Poc, Coral Springs
1990 Liana Puscas, South Broward
1991 Mezaan Rashid, McArthur
1992 Matt Litwin, Nova
1993 Seena Simon, Coral Springs
1994 Jason Sanders, Blanche Ely
1995 Cara O'Brien, Nova
1996 Kari Sutter, St. Thomas Aquinas
1997 Wendi Adelson, J.P. Taravella
1998 Ray Matthew, Blanche Ely
1999 Michelle M. Mayorga, Western
2000 Joshua Weissman, Marjory Stoneman Douglas
2001 Abbe Finberg Nova High
2002 Scott Federici, St. Thomas Aquinas
2003 Daniel Kahan, N. Broward Prep
2004 Mallory Hellman, University School at Nova SE
2005 Joshua Miller, Marjory Stoneman Douglas
2006 Cadene Russell, Blanche Ely
2007 Jessica Idiculla, Cooper City

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