Foreign Language | Silver Knight Winners

10/29/2008 6:51 PM

10/29/2008 6:51 PM

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1960 Richard Webb, North Miami
1961 Murray Greenberg, Miami Beach
1962 Stephen Dubrow, Coral Gables
1963 Jim Fisher, Coral Gables
1964 Erasmo Leiva, Southwest
1965 Robert Embree, Palmetto
1966 Susana Benezra, Miami Beach
1967 David Ellison, Palmetto
1968 Victoria Rivero, Southwest
1969 Debra Holmes, Coral Park
1970 Grace Drennan, Miami Springs
1971 Norman Ruiz-Castaneda, Hialeah
1972 Wendy Ehrenkranz, Coral Gables
1973 Betsy Baldwin, Coral Gables
1974 Maia Kling, Westminster Christian
1975 Raymond Steinbrecher, North Miami
1976 James Ferguson, Norland
1977 Michele Jean, Carol City
1978 Mirta Maruri, Miami Beach
1979 Rey Quintana, Coral Park
1980 Ana Margarita Diaz, Miami High
1981 Aleida Martinez, Miami High
1982 Belinda Watson, Coral Gables
1983 Joseph Halprin, Killian
1984 Jill Timmel, Gulliver
1985 Liliana Lasso, Jackson
1986 Nadeige Elusma, Jackson
1987 Maribel Acevedo, American
1988 Aida Wong, Coral Park
1989 Magda Theodate, Killian
1990 Lizzet Martinez, Miami High
1991 Keri Livingstone, Palmetto
1992 Glenda Najarro, Jackson
1993 Sheneka Carter, Jackson
1994 Seema Gajwani, Palmetto
1995 Maria Mamud, Coral Park
1996 Didi Ikpe, Gulliver
1997 Raquel Amparo, Miami Springs
1998 Jennifer Sien-I Liu, Braddock
1999 Dora Antonia Robau, Our Lady of Lourdes
2000 Jessica Gould, Palmetto
2001 Olivia Cancio, Coral Gables
2002 Gilsy Paiz, Barbara Goleman
2003 Judith Oriental, Miami Jackson
2004 Denise Pojomovsky, Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior
2005 Jacqueline Flores, Michael Krop
2006 Dave Fils-Aime, Michael Krop
2007 Jose L. Insua, Christopher Columbus



1984 Diana Panagotacos, Cardinal Gibbons
1985 Deanna Furness, Cardinal Gibbons
1986 Diane Poirier, Cardinal Gibbons
1987 Randolph Wolff, Cooper City
1988 Naomi Thomas, South Plantation
1989 Gretchen Fernandez, J.P. Taravella
1990 Carolyn McGinty, South Broward
1991 Caroline Lerner, Nova
1992 Dinorah Vera, Hollywood Hills
1993 Orlando Sanchez, Coconut Creek
1994 Carolyn Scott, McArthur
1995 Jennifer Rothstein, Hollywood Hills
1996 Adriana Chacon, South Plantation
1997 Angeline Attila, Deerfield Beach
1998 Jessica Kordansky, University School of Nova SE
1999 Aaron Alon, Hollywood Hills
2000 Steven David Cohen, University School
2001 Frieda Katz Hollywood Hills High
2002 Rebecca Lynn Guerra, Boyd Anderson
2003 Sebastian Ehreiser, St. Thomas Aquinas
2004 David Reyes, Blanche Ely
2005 Aliza Hussain, Everglades Highschool
2006 Ana Mascagni, Miramar
2007 George Aumoithe, Jr., Deerfield Beach

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