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10/29/2008 6:49 PM

10/29/2008 6:50 PM

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1959 Eric Ormsby, Coral Gables
1960 Carol Clifford, Coral Gables
1961 Thomas Kochins, Jackson
1962 Mike VonBorsig, Miami Beach
1963 Dick Fisher, Coral Gables
1964 Janet Cooper, Central
1965 Terence Byrnes, Central
1966 Michael Diaz, Central
1967 Jackie Ray, Palmetto
1968 Susan Morris, Palmetto
1969 John Williams, North Miami High
1970 Marianne Oren, Coral Gables
1971 Alvin Turner, Jackson
1972 Margaret Stolle, Coral Gables
1973 Allyson Davis, Palmetto
1974 Jane Wasman, Miami Beach
1975 Dorothy VanderBosche, Carol City
1976 Mathew Fishman, Palmetto
1977 Peter Teichner, Palmetto
1978 Lynn Paisley, Coral Gables
1979 Gustavo Llerena, Hialeah
1980 Sharon Albury, Central
1981 Ursula Wernerr, Palmetto
1982 Faith Taylor, Central
1983 Consuelo Boronat, Southwest
1984 Marilyn Collie, Edison
1985 Kaylois Henry, American
1986 Danielle Marquis, Palmetto
1987 Myrna Macias, Southridge
1988 Idis Nicola, Jackson
1989 Marlene De La Cruz, Jackson
1990 Lisa Lustgarten, Miami Beach
1991 Limarys Caraballo, Miami High
1992 Ashley Lowe, South Dade
1993 Arin Mason, Killian
1994 Tracey Leibowitz, Miami Beach
1995 Michael Schein, Miami Country Day
1996 Maya Baratz, Miami Beach
1997 Ollie Wheeler III, Jackson
1998 Melanie N. Harris, Jackson
1999 Kimberly Michelle Gracia Jones, Killian
2000 Lindsay Nicole Hyde, Southwest
2001 Tina Rivers, Gulliver Prep
2002 Cary Anne Trainor, Palmetto
2003 Marianna Tuninskaya, North Miami Senior
2004 Thatiana Howard, Miami Carol City Senior
2005 Rachael Stubbins, Palmetto
2006 Gerardo Muñoz, Miami High
2007 Regina Menda, Michael Krop



1984 Peter Castellanos, Chaminade
1985 Sarah Flack, Pine Crest
1986 Lora Davella, Coconut Creek
1987 Shari Rafofsky, Hollywood Hills
1988 Jenifer Jacobs, Nova
1989 Elizabeth Schepis, Nova
1990 Alex Levine, Nova
1991 Eric Duckworth, St. Thomas Aquinas
1992 Marc Levin, Coral Springs
1993 Mike Smith, Marjory Stoneman Douglas
1994 Stefanie Galfano, Coral Springs
1995 Marc Diaz, Nova
1996 Oneith Suba, Coral Springs
1997 Ive Sherman, Marjory Stoneman Douglas
1998 Joseph Patrick Chase, Deerfield Beach
1999 Ingrid Staudenmeyer, St. Thomas Aquinas
2000 Jacob T. McCall, Deerfield Beach
2001 Franco Ripple Pine Crest
2002 Jared Beckerman, Deerfield Beach
2003 Veronica Joseph, Boyd Anderson
2004 Danielle La Rocco, University School at Nova SE
2005 Laura Golden, Charles W. Flanagan
2006 Summia Chaudhry, Cypress Bay
2007 Alisa Tao, Nova Highschool

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