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10/29/2008 6:28 PM

10/29/2008 6:36 PM

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1959 Gina Bruno, Jackson
1960 Daniel Levin, Southwest
1961 Michael Gelfo, Southwest
1962 John Fitzgerald, Jackson
1963 Patricia Moody, Palmetto
1964 Daniel Kamin, Southwest
1965 Charles Shank, Central
1966 Anita Fisk, Palmetto
1967 Jane Freeman, Coral Gables
1968 Carlos Jimenez, Central
1969 Nancy Kunce, Killian
1970 Sara Freedman, Coral Gables
1971 Mark Rosenthal, Norland
1972 Luis Palomo, Immaculata-La Salle
1973 John Charney, South Dade
1974 Ana Cauce, Immaculata-La Salle
1975 Lori Decker, Palmetto
1976 Joseph Green, North Miami Beach
1977 Leslie Albert, North Miami Beach
1978 Joel Benjamin, Killian
1979 Elisha Lewin, Southridge
1980 Carolyn Gruber, Coral Gables
1981 Harlan Woodard, Central
1982 Jose Ortega, Central
1983 Sandra Stone, Southwest
1984 Camma Krewer, Coral Gables
1985 Juan Carlos Acosta, American
1986 Myra Rosen, Gulliver
1987 Rusty Salley, Southridge
1988 Sabrina Sanchez, Monsignor Pace
1989 Hilton Luciano, Jackson
1990 Charlie Calderin, Belen Jesuit
1991 Natalie Pantin, Norland
1992 Jane Grodnick, Killian
1993 Elvira Chang, Southwest
1994 Debbie Posner, Palmetto
1995 Dugard Senecharles, North Miami Beach
1996 Danamarie Hosler, New World/Arts
1997 Yanir Gonzalez, Miami Springs
1998 Melissa Marie McGhie, Design and Architecture
1999 Aurora de Armendi, Coral Park
2000 West Lamy, South Miami
2001 Matthew Mornick, Coral Reef
2002 Jessica Gordon, New World School of the Arts
2003 Brandon Hechtman, New World School of the Arts
2004 Seraphin Bernard, DASH
2005 Jamilah Abdul-Sabur, Michael Krop
2006 Charlotette Jarrett, Michael Krop
2007 Joelle Brittany Krantz, Cooper City



1984 Robert Weinberg, Hollywood Hills
1985 Matt Wohlfarth, St. Thomas Aquinas
1986 Michele Slobin, Piper
1987 Gail Greener, University School
1988 Maja Hanson, Cooper City
1989 Elsa Nieves, Deerfield Beach
1990 David LeBatard, Chaminade Madonna
1991 Jon DeSimone, Blanche Ely
1992 Eric Langley, Hollywood Hills
1993 Brendan Clarke, Hollywood Hills
1994 Jennifer Diefenbach, Miramar
1996 Jon Stein, Marjory Stoneman Douglas
1997 Ana Rosales, St. Thomas Aquinas
1998 Taowei (David) Wang, South Plantation
1999 Anat Codinach, Hollywood Hills
2000 Marcus Bickler, Deerfield Beach
2001 Addoley Dzegede Deerfield Beach High
2002 Joanne Kantor, University School of Nova SE
2003 Bonnie Clas, South Broward
2004 Katrina Ona, Nova
2005 Andrea Simon, Marjory Stoneman Douglas
2006 Stanley Moore, Everglades High
2007 Tiffany Agam, Hillel Community Day School-Ben Lipson Highschool

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