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An aerial view of the Weeks-Wulf energy efficient home and property given to the Deering Estate Foundation.

Palmetto Bay

Philanthropist donates land, house to Deering Estate

- The Miami Herald , Aug 29
The Miami Herald

What’s an environmentally conscious philanthropist to do with her pristine seven acres of tropical hardwood hammock and 10,500-square... -foot energy efficient home when she decides to move away? She donates it to a historic and environmental preserve dedicated to hands-on ecological education that’s conveniently located right across the street.

Palmetto Bay

Despite losing appeal, Palmetto Bay official continues fight against environmental suit

- The Miami Herald , Aug 22
The Miami Herald

Palmetto Bay Vice-Mayor John DuBois continues to fight a county lawsuit against him, ongoing since September 2012, which alleges he illegall... y trimmed mangroves and filled wetlands on his 8-acre bay-front property.


Letter: South Miami mayor is a mosquito-control novice

- The Miami Herald , Aug 20
The Miami Herald

It was reassuring to learn in Soapbox (Mosquito spraying can have negative consequences, Aug. 17) that South Miami Mayor Philip Stoddard, a ... professor of biology at Florida International University, has discovered what most residents of his city knew decades ago – that mosquitoes breed in standing water, including the contents of bromeliads. But it wasn’t reassuring to learn that Stoddard apparently now feels qualified to advise the rest of us about his belated discovery – and to impose on all his neighbors his own conclusions about the impact of mosquito spraying in this region. If Stoddard had lived here during the weeks after Hurricane Andrew, he might have acquired a greater understanding of how far the quality of human life can deteriorate in a former swamp when mosquito spraying is suspended even temporarily.


Fishing tournament to raise money for leukemia research

- The Miami Herald , Aug 18
The Miami Herald

Briana Vega, a 12-year-old student at Westminster Christian School in Palmetto Bay, lost her battle to acute myeloid leukemia in February, t... wo years after being diagnosed with cancer.

Palmetto Bay

Palmetto Bay village manager proposes budget

- The Miami Herald , Aug 15
The Miami Herald

Palmetto Bay will begin landscaping, curb, and street light improvements in the triangle between Southwest 184th Street, U.S.1 and Franjo Ro... ad next year, build two new batting cages at Palmetto Bay Park, plant more trees, and improve several safe routes to school.


Students at Gulliver Schools, Palmer Trinity and Ransom Everglades will be greeted by a new head of school this year

- The Miami Herald , Aug 14
The Miami Herald

Students at Gulliver Schools, Palmer Trinity and Ransom Everglades will be greeted by a new head of school this year.

Benjamin Bistrong, 44

South Florida coral stone landscaper Benjamin Bistrong dies at 44

- The Miami Herald , Aug 1
The Miami Herald

Miami native Benjamin Bistrong, a descendant on his mother’s side to a pioneering group of home-builders who emigrated from the Baham... as to Key West in the 1830s, worked to bring South Florida into a modern Stone Age.

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