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    Pitts: Don’t look for the ‘perfect’ victim

    You’ve probably never heard of Claudette Colvin. And yet, had history twisted in a slightly different direction, she might loom as large in American memory as Rosa Parks does now while Parks herself would be a little-remembered seamstress.


    Read to children, change a life

    After reading to my students, we’d walk around the library and I’d tell them: ‘Look at all of these books; soon you’ll be able to read every single one. And if you can read every book here, you can learn anything you ever want to learn. And that’s what we are going to do together,’” said Alvin Blake, the former vice mayor for the City of North Bay Village. Photo Gallery Available


    We must do more to make our correctional facilities safer

    The death of Darren Rainey has heightened our awareness that we must do more to make our facilities safer. That’s why last week we announced system-wide reforms that focus on the mental-health needs of the inmates in our facilities, operating in a more transparent manner, increasing accountability and partnering with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to streamline investigations.


    ISIS’ brutal propaganda ploy backfired

    The propagandists of the Islamic State must have imagined that their brutal video of the beheading of journalist James Foley would intimidate and terrorize the world. But people aren’t built that way, not in Muslim countries or anywhere else. When they see sadistic, uncivilized behavior, they are disgusted — and angry. Photo Gallery Available


    Five things to watch in the primary

    Tuesday’s statewide primary election may feel like a warm-up act for the main event: a November showdown between Republican Gov. Rick Scott and his leading Democratic challenger, Charlie Crist. But even if turnout is as low as expected, important trends will hint at where things are heading for the general election. Here is a guide to five things that will be of primary importance on Tuesday.


    On racial issues, good intentions aren’t enough

    As mayor of the city of Miami, the civil disturbances and violence that followed the McDuffie trial in 1980 were not a surprise. The trial after the violent death of an African-American man in Miami at the hands of a Miami-Dade County police officer was decided by an all-white jury in Tampa, on March 31, 1980. By that time, Miami had its first black city manager and black city attorney.


    Parents want more quality, less quantity in children’s education

    If your child’s first week of school was at all similar to what most South Florida parents experienced, then I sense you sighed with relief when the first weekend of the school year arrived. Last week signaled the beginning of what I call the “wrecking ball routine” again — an interminable “to do” list that will wear down even the strongest of single parents. Photo Gallery Available

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