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    When there’s no smoking gun

    Why can’t political corruption prosecutors win convictions in South Florida? The U.S. Attorney’s office is 0-2 in recent months, failing to win guilty verdicts against mayors Michael Pizzi of Miami Lakes and Julio Robaina of Hialeah. Two big fish in the political corruption pool who are now swimming free. Photo Gallery Available

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    Leonard Pitts Jr.: We need to walk in each other’s shoes

    What next?


    Obama tests the bounds of lame-duckery

    There are two words every president, including Barack Obama, hates to hear: “lame duck.”


    Media should not glamorize suicide

    Just like a cold, suicide can be contagious. Photo Gallery Available


    What Ferguson can teach Miami about civilian oversight

    As with people, cities can learn from their mistakes or from the mistakes of others. The latter option is preferable. The recent events in Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis, Mo., can be instructive for any American city.


    Latin America can help save the Yazidis

    The Yazidis, 700,000 of them, are at risk of being murdered. The criminal militants of the Islamic State — that bloodthirsty entity that has suddenly emerged in the Middle East — have already killed several hundred. The number is not higher because the Yazidis fled and hid. The Muslims liquidate them and sometimes rape the women before slitting their throats. Photo Gallery Available

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    Teaching art helps children succeed

    One child enthusiastically dives into a pile of colorful ribboned wires and begins to twist and bend them into different shapes, while a boy with his arms crossed stares down blankly. A teaching artist spots the pout and approaches him by putting a simple dome on the table and asks if he will help her to add to it. He reluctantly begins by curving one strip into a circle and soon his hesitation disappears.

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