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Stain on America

What a joke! Trump stages a well-scripted cabinet gathering to tell everyone that he is fixing the flawed policy of separating children from their asylum-seeking parents, when all he did was take credit for something he didn’t fix, but actually caused.

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Kids separated from parents is an American issue

As executive director of the state agency charged with enforcing the Florida Civil Rights Act and addressing all forms of discrimination in Florida, but more importantly, as a mother of three beautiful children, I am deeply concerned with the issue our nation is facing today: separating children from their parents “suspected” of illegally entering the United States.

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Immoral policy

Migrant families on our southern border who are escaping violence and persecution in their homeland are being routinely separated in the name of our security. This policy is immoral and has already had tragic consequences. Is there no recourse for stopping this disregard for human dignity and family?

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Despotic apprentice

Is no one else bothered by the fact that while alienating the greatest Western world leaders of democracy, Trump is reaching out to, and making friends with, dictators and despots of countries that have as much misogyny and racism as Trump’s administration?


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Hillary Clinton takes on Trump administration, rebukes Spicer during California speech

Hillary Clinton took on the Trump administration in one of her first public speeches since the election. Clinton faulted the administration for its abandoned health care policy and lack of female representation in top jobs. She also rebuked White