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  • Ray Allen home was violated

    Young people who are 18 and 19 are not “teens.” They are, at best, young adults, eligible to vote and serve in the military. Teens younger than this have been charged and convicted as adults for murder and other crimes.

  • Riots and rubble

    We need to keep a clear perspective about the world. A black youth is killed by a white cop in Ferguson, Mo. I took note because I grew up in Webster Groves, a hop, skip and jump from Ferguson. Michael Brown allegedly was shot six times in broad daylight with his hands up. This seems excessive. There’s much confusion swirling, and we’ll have to wait until it is sorted out.

  • No fear

    Re Archbishop Thomas Wenski’s Aug. 17 letter, Same-sex marriages would open Pandora’s Box: I do not see a Pandora’s Box. I see sisters and brothers, sons and daughters, cousins, the dearest of friends. I want to give them my love and support for all good things; not limits on aspirations, ambitions and fulfillment, that are rooted in fear. I do not fear a Pandora’s Box. I am Roman Catholic and I was told, “Be not afraid.”

  • Flap over flag

    Now I’ve seen it all! A private citizen donates a multimillion-dollar symbol of our nation’s patriotism, and all hell breaks loose. This is the same man who has donated millions to fund hospitals and education in our community. The same man who received an honorary degree from St. Thomas University for his philanthropy. This is the same man who shared with his employees millions earned by selling his business.

  • Flag is a home run

    Michael Fernandez’s proposal for a large American flag is a home run for our area. It hits all the bases — it’s beautiful, it’s patriotic, it’s unique and it’s welcoming. We should not miss this wonderful and generous opportunity Fernandez has given us to install a visible beacon of hope.

  • Flag is a good idea

    Put up the giant flag! Mike Fernandez should not pay attention to those who denigrate his idea. It would be a national attraction; and even gain us worldwide attention. Wouldn’t it be nice if it could be seen from Cuba?

  • The readers’ forum

    Response to archbishop’s stance on same-sex marriage

    Re Archbishop Thomas Wenski’s Aug. 17 letter, Same-sex marriages would open Pandora’s Box: I am a 76-year-old heterosexual woman, married to my husband for 45 years. No one forced me into this relationship, just as no one forced Wenski into the celibate life selected. How does my marital relationship hurt him or his lack of one hurt me? Similarly, if two women or two men choose each other as life partners, it has nothing to do with his choice or mine. It hurts neither of us. Certainly, no clergyman or woman should be forced to officiate at any marriage of which he or she does not approve, but I don’t think that should mean that there can be no marriage where they do not approve.

  • Zoo Miami’s angels

    It’s Sunday morning and I settle in to read the Herald. I pick up the Tropical Life section and am drawn to the lead article, Zoo Miami’s angels, by Ron Magill, the zoo’s communications director. Magill is a treasure to South Florida because of his super work and devotion to one of the finest zoos in the country.

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