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    Fare hike for Special Transportation Services is fair

    In the July 20 letter to the editor Fare increase for disabled ‘un-American,’ Evan Flugman expressed concerns over the recommended 50-cent Special Transportation Service (STS) fare increase that is included in the proposed Miami-Dade County budget for fiscal year 2014-2015.

  • How to pick qualified jurists

    As a lawyer who has been practicing in Miami-Dade for 40 years, and appearing regularly before the area’s judges, I would agree with the major theme of Joe Cardona’s July 26 column, Better ways to pick judges. Elections aren’t the best path to a quality bench, yet I strongly disagree that elections haven’t produced a strong local judiciary. The anonymous opinions of lawyers expressed in bar polls is that the overwhelming majority of our local judges do a good job. Applicants to the Judicial Nominating Commission almost always have quality résumés. The pay for judges, while not generous, may be far less than successful experienced lawyers, but compares favorably with the average income as statistics reflect. Judicial elections have not prevented Miami-Dade from providing us an overwhelming number of capable jurists.

  • Where’s the outrage?

    If most of the Muslims of the world are decent, peace-loving citizens, then where is their outrage against the Taliban, Al Qaeda and the other violent murderous Islamics? They kill schoolgirls for the crime of seeking an education, or throw acid in their faces, they set off bombs in crowds of civilians, and they bomb mosques and churches. In Mali, where the situation was horrible, European forces are trying to restore peace.

  • Solution to problems

    The July 27 front page article State GOP won’t talk about trips to ranch dealt with corrupt Republican politicians accepting Big Sugar money to hunt in Texas’ King Ranch. Shocking, but we knew it long ago. Their sort of hunting is barbarous and environmentally unethical.

  • Clean Venezuelan money?

    Hats off to the feds for arresting former Venezuelan Judge Benny Palmeri-Bacchi on drug trafficking charges as he made his merry way to Disney World (Chávez officials accused in drug cases, July 25). It was recently reported that Venezuelans are currently among the largest of all cash purchasers of real estate in South Florida. Coincidence? Given that the Venezuelan economy is in shambles, the question arises where is all this money coming from? Especially since it is almost impossible for the ordinary Venezuelan citizen to get his hands on the amount of dollars needed to buy a condo on Brickell.

  • Working for peace

    In Helen Aguirre Ferré’s July 27 column, War is not inevitable, she demands that the United States, and most particularly President Obama “reengage in the job he was elected to do.” I am offended by her assertion that Obama is somehow not giving the war his full attention.

  • The readers’ forum

    Moving toward using less gas in the future

    Re Carl Hiaasen’s July 20 column Taxpayers: Prepare to be railroaded: I question how much Hiaasen understands environmentalism, urban economies, and basic principles of livability and sustainability. Every time the Metropolitan Planning Organization and FDOT has built another billion dollar highway interchange or other heavily subsidized project that benefits the automobile, Hiaasen has been silent. But now he protests a mostly private venture, All Aboard Florida, that will revitalize rail on an existing corridor? Does he not understand that without this very rail corridor, there would be no cities, towns, and villages in Florida? Right now, we are staring at the combined threats of fossil fuel depletion and the need to address climate change. If civilization is to continue in Florida, the revival of passenger rail at all scales — commuter rail, street cars, and intercity — will be necessary.

  • No more cement

    I was born in Cuba. I was a Pedro Pan. A Cuban museum in Miami would have relevance and utmost merit as long as it was comprehensive, including all the other satellites scattered around the city. And, it should definitely not be on Parcel B, which should be green space.

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  • Build workforce

    While job growth has remained lackluster, the construction industry faces a shortage of qualified workers t...

  • Working Americans

    In January, lawmakers in Congress voted to cut off benefits to the long-term unemployed. Democrats predicte...

  • The readers’ forum

    More transportation options needed

    The July 21 article Car-free and frustrated, about transportation options in downtown Miami should remind l...

  • Who’s the dictator?

    So Rep. John Boehner is suing the president for using executive orders to “rewrite the law.” ...

  • No to police layoffs

    What an absolute disgrace for Miami-Dade commissioners to vote for a slight tax increase to fund libraries ...

  • Unsung heroes

    I have read the news about the 2012 scalding death of Darren Rainey, a South Florida inmate. As the wife of...

  • Make ACA work

    I read the July 24 article Judges in health care rulings vote party line, in which the Washington Court of ...

  • Beckham too generous

    Poor David Beckham. No matter what he offers, Miami will not cooperate.

  • Keep Beckham

    What are mayors of Miami and Miami-Dade doing while Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief is getting a list of poss...

  • Miami Shores vote

    Miami Shores residents Clark Reynolds and Dennis Leyva said in their July 24 letter to the editor that it t...

  • FIU vs. Youth Fair

    I recently read the story about FIU and their expansion plans in your newspaper. I was raised on Long Islan...

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