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  • The readers’ forum

    Educating youth on financial responsibility

    As part of our ongoing legislative priorities for the 2014 Legislative Session, the Florida Credit Union Association (FCUA) is proud to actively participate and promote Financial Literacy Month this April.

  • Defensive driving “with friends”

    When driving I have been practicing a laissez-faire attitude for many years now since it is totally useless to get upset, especially here in Miami Beach where we have so many visitors trying to find an address or just enjoying the views.

  • Let’s go, library team

    Re the April 11 article, Library would fire over half of full-timers: Oh, goody, let’s fire 56 percent of full-time library workers and cut hours an average of 35 percent.

  • Helping foster children

    Re the March 16, Innocents Lost, section: It’s important to let people know what horrible things have happened to children in the state.

  • Violence is everywhere

    The unfortunate and tragic stabbing of over a dozen teens by one of their peers recently in a Pennsylvania high school was another stark reminder of the violent times we live in and the potential for violence our children are exposed to when they attend what should be an educational sanctuary.

  • The readers’ forum

    Keep the entertainment industry in Florida

    A good investment is measured by its return, and, a 5.6-to-1 return on investment (ROI) is, undeniably, a winning proposition for Florida’s workforce, businesses and families. This ROI is exactly what Florida’s entertainment industry is offering — for every one dollar the state invests in the entertainment industry, $5.60 comes back into our state’s economy. And, $5.60 is a modest estimate. Some believe that the return could be as high as $20.50.

  • Friendlier roads

    Tom Swick’s suggestion about “friends” on I-95 is a bit squirrelly to me; they are not my friends. Many drivers tailgate, cut off others, refuse to yield the left lane and on and on.

  • On I-95, please pass on the left

    While I commend Tom Swick for bringing the issue of safe driving to the fore, he has misplaced the blame for what he identifies as discourteous driving in South Florida (Try this: Connect – in a good way – with fellow drivers on I-95, Readers’ Forum, April 14).

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