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    Undeniable fact: Speed kills

    Using extreme caution, you merge on to a Florida Interstate highway where the maximum posted speed limit is 70 miles per hour. You opt for the far right lane, set your cruise control at that maximum speed, but aren't a bit surprised to see other vehicles blow by you like a scene from the movie Fast & Furious.

  • Miami High must improve its scores

    Re the April 11 article, Miami High restored as resplendent castle of learning: I find it outrageous that $55 million was spent on remodeling Miami High, making it look like a castle in Spain, yet the school has a dismal academic performance. State figures show that only 39 percent of Miami High students read at grade level! Math and science is not much better. Perhaps they should have spent some of the remodeling cash to help students succeed academically.

  • Driving etiquette

    I’ve long felt that teaching “defensive driving,” however well intended, was a poor choice of words. Much better that we teach “cooperative driving,” which seems in line with what Tom Swick suggests.

  • Research primates abuse

    As opposing parties duke it out in court over the use of primates in research, we urge people not to lose sight of the animals (Miami-Dade primate import company in court tussle with aggressive protest group, April 6).

  • Erosion of rights

    The only important piece of information left out of the April 13 article, Lawmakers should learn from Padrón, was the name of each of the ignorant, incompetent state legislators who have failed to support the bill permitting Miami-Dade residents to vote on a half-penny tax increase to fund Miami-Dade College and FIU.

  • Revoke bond

    Once again special treatment is accorded to those who are supposed to "Serve and Protect."

  • Prepare for hurricanes

    Re the April 16 story, Chastened forecasters look deeper: Although the forecast for the 2014 hurricane season calls for a below normal one due to the influence of a strong El Niño, I hope my fellow storm-tested Floridians don’t forget to do their planning and shopping before the season starts. It only takes one to make landfall to make it a bad season.

  • Misplaced priorities

    Re the April 11 article, For Miami-Dade County, a dispute over potty breaks for voters:

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