• Help Turkic in Iraq

    Since June 18, the northern Iraqi town of Amirli has been besieged by the ISIS militants. While anti-jihadist forces came within just two miles of the town, its 20,000 mostly Shiite Turkmen residents remain without power, food, or medicine.

  • Congress should vote

    It would be a big mistake for President Obama to escalate the military activity in the Middle East on his own. Congress should be made to vote for or against it. George W. Bush was smart in that he had the Congress vote for war. (Of course, calling anyone who voted against it “un-American” didn’t hurt.)

  • Down with Hamas

    Hamas’ public execution of 18 alleged informants brings home the reality that Hamas is to Israel as ISIS is the United States, only closer. As the United States reacted in horror to the beheading of James Foley, so, too, did Israel react in horror to Hamas’ murder of three teens simply because they were Jewish.

  • Support wild animals

    I had mixed feelings reading about the large donations of Albert and Winifred Sami to Zoo Miami in the Aug. 16 article, Zoo Miami’s Ron Magill reveals identity of long-anonymous donors of millions. While one can’t dispute the generosity, the shame is that zoo animals, despite any talk of education and conservation are kept captive for life, and treated as exhibits for public amusement; the complete opposite to what would come naturally to them in the wild.

  • No gun talk from doctors

    In an astounding ruling, the U.S. Court of Appeals overturned an eloquent and powerful ruling by a Miami federal judge and upheld the law imposing a gag order on doctors.

  • Injustice rules

    As the mother of a young boy, a child of mixed Arab and Caribbean heritage, the death of Michael Brown is profoundly disturbing. But what is also troubling is the discussion of the rules young men of color should follow. Why should my son, or any non-white child, be taught to be meek and subservient? This is a step backward to Jim Crow and segregation. It’s just obscene to think that our children cannot walk the same path. The focus should be on correcting the social injustice, not on breaking the spirit of our boys.

  • Police stops

    In their haste to be victims of racial discrimination, the five gentlemen featured on the Aug. 23 Other Views page, Stopped by cops, forgot to indicate how any of the incidents were based on skin color. I have encountered similar incidents with law-enforcement officers.

  • Diplomacy time

    Letter writer Felipe Fernandez suggests that President Obama resign over the “serious difficulties in handling and coping with the grave international situation we’re dealing with.”

  • Multimedia

  • Maule Lake opposition

    Re the Aug. 23 article about allowing floating homes to be developed on Maule Lake: This article said that ...

  • The readers’ forum

    Caution with growth of choice schools

    I read with interest the article by Christina Veiga on Aug. 18, Choice schools become the norm in Miami-Dad...

  • Black warriors

    I have never stood on the plains, mountains or in the jungles of Africa and I never did meet the Honorable ...

  • Mayor’s bad budget

    While the economy continues to improve and tax revenues rise, Mayor Gimenez and our Commission continue to ...

  • State leadership

    I just read Florida State Sen. Dwight Bullard's Aug. 22 column: The Silence from our state leaders. #RIGHTON.

  • Biden for president now

    In my book, hard as it is to say, Mr. Obama should resign.

  • Key Largo crossing

    At its Aug. 13 meeting, the Monroe County Commission addressed the pedestrian crossing in Key Largo along t...

  • Humana to longer affiliated with Baptist

    Humana Advantage Plan and Baptist Health System no longer have a relationship. I found this out through a l...

  • Miami Lakes’ real mayor

    I hear Gov. Rick Scott was seen in the Capitol building looking in the mirror and saying: “Mirror, m...

  • The readers’ forum

    Wynwood parking plan an collaborative process

    As the city of Miami renews itself from the recent recession, our residential and commercial districts are ...

  • Hamas coverage

    The Miami Herald’s coverage of the Israeli-Hamas war in Gaza is the kind of biased reporting fanning...

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