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    FPL stopping algae bloom safely

    Florida Power & Light Co. employees work hard to ensure the reliability of our electric system remains among the best in the nation. During hot, humid summer months, these efforts are especially important because of the higher seasonal demand for electricity across the state.

  • Shame on UM

    I, too, am discouraged by the University of Miami’s irresponsibility toward a loyal community by quietly selling a significant and critical rockland habitat for several endangered species. It’s utter fantasy to think these species can be moved.

  • Students fooled

    The rebranding of a technical school as a technical “college” as reported in the July 14 article Schools gain ‘college’ cachet, is a major disservice to students, potential employers and our state college system. This is a thinly veiled public relations campaign that only further confuses students and hiring managers, and waters down the strong image that our community’s true colleges have built.

  • James Garner RIP

    James Garner did a great job playing the tall and handsome Jim Rockford. The Rockford Files was one of my favorite TV shows, and Garner was my favorite TV detective actor of all.

  • No to FIU

    FIU's growth is great, but to move the fair and expand the campus is a terriable idea, I belive the should find other county owned land that is not being used correctly.

  • The readers’ forum

    Let’s support FIU’s expansion plans

    As one of 200,000 alumni of FIU and president of the FIU Alumni Association Board of Directors, I am writing to express my deepest gratitude to the Miami-Dade Commission.

  • Bring competition

    On behalf of all those who live within 10 minutes to 15 minutes from Miami International Airport, a heartfelt thank-you to the Miami-Dade County Commission for hopefully reforming the existing regulations that allow only 'sanctioned cab and limousine' companies to provide commercial transportation from MIA (Commissioners give initial OK to legalizing Lyft, UberX in Miami-Dade, July 16).

  • The readers’ forum

    Everglades restoration a must for our survival

    As Floridians like to say: “We live where you vacation,” but most people don’t know that one of the country’s favorite holiday destinations is under threat. Sea-level rise and climate change are already affecting Miami-Dade County. Fortunately, continued restoration efforts of the Florida Everglades will help impede these consequences.

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  • Help our own youth

    There is no question the undocumented children from Central America are in an impossible circumstance, but ...

  • MIA’s kiosks

    When I arrived at MIA recently from an overseas trip, I made my way towards kiosks set up for global entry ...

  • Cease fire broken

    Let everyone take note that after Israel accepted the cease-fire agreement brokered by the Egyptians, it wa...

  • Respect officers’ rights

    It was reported in the July 15 article, Two police officers tied to KKK in Florida, that police officer, Ge...

  • The readers’ forum

    Test young athletes for concussions

    This summer, hundreds of thousands of athletes around the country will start training and prepping for the ...

  • Kudos to MDPD

    My daughter and her family were visiting Miami for a Bat Mitzvah. While they were parked near a restaurant,...

  • Help the children

    The graphic and disturbing behavior of anti-immigration protesters it really symbolizes the worst of human ...

  • The readers’ forum

    PortMiami needs more fire resources

    Would you put a mayor at the wheel of a fire or a rescue truck and tell him to operate it at its fullest ca...

  • Reduce tax breaks

    Terry Murphy’s July 11 column, Tax rate plus higher values equal tax increase, is right on. However,...

  • Raise taxes

    The attempt by Mayor Carlos Gimenez to defend himself and his proposed budget is “the worst case sce...

  • Taxis need competition

    Re the July 15 article Lyft, UberX might become legal: Whether or not Lyft or Uber are legalized, the count...

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