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  • The readers’ forum

    Parking shortage in Wynwood must be addressed

    In reference to the article Wynwood entrepreneurs at odds with Miami Parking Authority over district’s future:

  • The readers’ forum

    We need more young women in politics

    As Florida women cast their ballots to decide the outcome of the primary elections in Tuesday’s primary, the League of Women Voters celebrates the anniversary of women getting the right to vote.

  • A president for all

    Re Joy-Ann Reid’s column on Aug. 21, Why some fear the police:

  • Fatal dog attack

    I’m a veterinarian and here’s my take on the pit bull tragedy in Miami-Dade:

  • Cost of Clinton

    If you want Hillary Clinton, who said she was flat broke, to be your speaker prepare for this:

  • Declare war on ISIS

    The ISIS army, along with the other Islamic militants, have declared war on us by killing our citizens and threatening to kill more.

  • Too much coverage

    With 24-hour coverage of a St. Louis suburb and the shooting of a resident by police, we must get another 24-hour news channel. The Middle East is exploding. American citizens are at risk from brutal terrorists.

  • Black leadership void

    According to the interviews I have seen on television, Ferguson is 70 percent black and has no black elected officials. There are only three black officers in the 60-member police force.

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  • The readers’ forum

    Partners in stopping human trafficking

    The Aug. 18 article Council aims to fight human trafficking describes how Florida Attorney General Pam Bond...

  • Fare increase for disabled ‘un-American’

    Why should residents of Miami-Dade County with disabilities have to pay more to use public transportation? ...

  • Zoo Miami’s angels

    It’s Sunday morning and I settle in to read the Herald. I pick up the Tropical Life section and am d...

  • Miracle Mile tax flap

    I was appalled and outraged after finding out that the assesment for improvements on Miracle Mile included ...

  • No port security

    We drove through the new PortMiami tunnel this week and were appalled. There was no security at all. We dro...

  • Double standard I

    Where are the protests over the death of 22-year-old Maria Fernanda Godinez, accidentally shot to death in ...

  • Double standard II

    Charges have now been filed, but to put the intrusion into Ray Allen’s Coral Gables residence into p...

  • City not so beautiful

    Where are the patrol vehicles in Coral Gables? Houses being entered while homeowners sleep? Automobiles bei...

  • Bursting at the seams

    Jim Morin’s Aug. 20 cartoon suggested that the poem on the Statue of Liberty meant we should take in...

  • Go to the polls

    With great power comes great responsibility — to vote. To paraphrase John Kennedy’s speech ab...

  • Stop political calls

    I just wanted to make a comment and maybe others out there feel the way I do. Isn’t it considered ha...

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