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    Moving toward using less gas in the future

    Re Carl Hiaasen’s July 20 column Taxpayers: Prepare to be railroaded: I question how much Hiaasen understands environmentalism, urban economies, and basic principles of livability and sustainability. Every time the Metropolitan Planning Organization and FDOT has built another billion dollar highway interchange or other heavily subsidized project that benefits the automobile, Hiaasen has been silent. But now he protests a mostly private venture, All Aboard Florida, that will revitalize rail on an existing corridor? Does he not understand that without this very rail corridor, there would be no cities, towns, and villages in Florida? Right now, we are staring at the combined threats of fossil fuel depletion and the need to address climate change. If civilization is to continue in Florida, the revival of passenger rail at all scales — commuter rail, street cars, and intercity — will be necessary.

  • No more cement

    I was born in Cuba. I was a Pedro Pan. A Cuban museum in Miami would have relevance and utmost merit as long as it was comprehensive, including all the other satellites scattered around the city. And, it should definitely not be on Parcel B, which should be green space.

  • Build workforce

    While job growth has remained lackluster, the construction industry faces a shortage of qualified workers that threatens the future of the industry — up to 1.6 million workers by 2022.

  • Working Americans

    In January, lawmakers in Congress voted to cut off benefits to the long-term unemployed. Democrats predicted dire consequences.

  • The readers’ forum

    More transportation options needed

    The July 21 article Car-free and frustrated, about transportation options in downtown Miami should remind leaders that it is time to invest in transit, bicycle and pedestrian improvements in Miami’s urban core.

  • Who’s the dictator?

    So Rep. John Boehner is suing the president for using executive orders to “rewrite the law.” Along with his “Teapublicans“ he has referred to our president as a dictator, a tyrant and a king. His suit was instigated when the president extended the mandatory period for large corporations to comply with the Affordable Care Act. This order was in response to pressure exerted by some megacorporations that claimed they needed more time to arrange coverage for all employees. Note, no law was ever changed, just extended, and corporations will still have to comply.

  • No to police layoffs

    What an absolute disgrace for Miami-Dade commissioners to vote for a slight tax increase to fund libraries instead of directing that money for police. I guess libraries are more important than police protection.

  • Unsung heroes

    I have read the news about the 2012 scalding death of Darren Rainey, a South Florida inmate. As the wife of a state legislator and a person who has spent countless hours volunteering with inmates in the prisons, I share the distress over the allegations surrounding this horrific tragedy. I feel compelled to tell the rest of the story.

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  • Make ACA work

    I read the July 24 article Judges in health care rulings vote party line, in which the Washington Court of ...

  • Beckham too generous

    Poor David Beckham. No matter what he offers, Miami will not cooperate.

  • The readers’ forum

    Aging gracefully? No way!

    I want to comment on Ms. Gina Barreca’s July 19 Other Views column on aging. She’s writing fr...

  • Keep Beckham

    What are mayors of Miami and Miami-Dade doing while Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief is getting a list of poss...

  • Miami Shores vote

    Miami Shores residents Clark Reynolds and Dennis Leyva said in their July 24 letter to the editor that it t...

  • FIU vs. Youth Fair

    I recently read the story about FIU and their expansion plans in your newspaper. I was raised on Long Islan...

  • They have no sympathy for children

    It seems like the gun-toting mobs of the far right feel threatened by children at the border. I guess they ...

  • The readers’ forum

    Preliminary library tax rate must survive

    County commissioners praised the hundreds of residents who descended upon Government Center recently to ple...

  • A very liveable city

    Re the July 21 article Car-free and frustrated: I, too, live in Brickell and I have been delighted with the...

  • Immigration reform

    Re the July 18 editorial, Follow the law: We should rescue some valid assertions. First, we all should know...

  • Employ black men

    Many have taken issue with the Miami City Commission Vice Chairman Keon Hardemon’s July 6 letter, Sa...

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