Employ black men

07/24/2014 7:34 PM

07/24/2014 7:35 PM

Many have taken issue with the Miami City Commission Vice Chairman Keon Hardemon’s July 6 letter, Save Liberty City from domestic terrorists. Crime happens in the absence of economic development.

Take take a look at the Southeast Overtown/Park West Community Redevelopment Agency’s renovations of the Historic Overtown Shopping Plaza. TSGV, a construction company out of Hialeah was awarded the contract just to do demolition work, something blacks most certainly can do. They brought 12 workers, and not one of them was black.

That’s insulting, especially when the executive director had informed commissioners during the negotiations that he expected blacks be in on this project. It is weak leadership in our communities that allows this to gone on.

If residents have jobs there would be no domestic terrorists. Hire black men on projects in the black community, and watch crime go down.

Grady Muhammad, Mi

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