Shame on UM

07/21/2014 7:27 PM

07/21/2014 7:28 PM

I, too, am discouraged by the University of Miami’s irresponsibility toward a loyal community by quietly selling a significant and critical rockland habitat for several endangered species. It’s utter fantasy to think these species can be moved.

Does anyone consider the human species and its quality of life? The impact on a highway that already does not sustain the traffic? Do we living out here have a say? This is unsafe.

Is Miami-Dade County asleep or did I miss something? A 1984 ordinance requires preservation of at least 80 percent of rockland if an owner builds on it. Instead, we are being rammed with another toxic strip mall with another Walmart — and more traffic from 900 apartments.

It’s laughable the developer, Ram, trots out the overused promise that a “unique chance to create … a place where people can easily walk from neighborhood to shops and elsewhere.” Sadly, more traffic will increase the danger of walking.

The county has not provided an adequate evacuation route in case a hurricane approaches. As of now, 152nd Street is the only way out and has yet to meet the needs of our community.

Linda Wanshel, Mi

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