Rude welcome at MIA

06/25/2014 6:55 PM

06/25/2014 6:56 PM

Having left London’s Heathrow Airport recently, where employees respond to queries with “Yes, Madam, how may I assist you?” I arrived at Miami International Airport and employees at the exit of baggage claim telling passengers to, “Move over!” and “Get over there!”

To add insult to injury, an employee of the company contracted by the airport to manage the lines of passengers leaving the baggage area pulled my 12-year-old daughter by her shirt to get her to move into a line. When I informed her that she was not to touch my daughter, she pushed me on the arm to get me to move as well.

I informed management as well as airport security. They informed me that, indeed, airport employees are not to touch passengers and that they would deal with the employee.

As a lifelong Miami resident, I am ashamed that this is the way we greet visitors to our city.

Lily Murphy, Miami

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