Meet the Editorial Board

June 17, 2009

Dora Bain-Smith

Dora Bain-Smith is the Editorial Board's executive assistant. Born in South Florida, she graduated from Miami-Dade Community College and has worked at the Herald since 1979. She is the gatekeeper, ensuring that readers' calls, letters and e-mails reach board members. She is married to Richard Smith and has three children: Tiffany, who lives in Virginia, Alexander in Atlanta and Christopher, who attends Miami Beach Senior High.

I don't think there's another place in this country where I'd rather live than in South Florida with its year-around perfect weather. I was born and raised in Miami, attended public schools and graduated from Miami Dade Community College. I love to travel, but there's no place like home.

As administrative assistant to the editor I am not a member of the board, but I deal with lots of very important people … you. Mine is the voice you hear when you call the Editorial Board to express your views or voice concerns. You can be sure that your praise or outrage is passed on to, and heard by, the board members.

My husband, Richard Smith, and I have three children. Our oldest, Tiffany, lives in Virginia with her husband, Arling, and son, Myles. Alexander now makes his living in Atlanta. And Christopher, our youngest, is an eleventh-grader at Miami Beach Senior High.

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