Saffir-Simpson scale

05/20/2010 12:34 PM

06/03/2010 12:35 PM

Amount of damage Barometric
Winds Storm surge

Category 1 MINIMAL
Damage to shrubs, trees, mobile homes 28.94 in. 74-95 mph 4-5 ft. Category 2 MODERATE
Some damage to roofs, doors, windows;
some downed trees 28.50-28.93 in. 96-110 mph 6-8 ft. Category 3 EXTENSIVE
Minor damage to small buildings, homes;
large trees blown down 27.91-28.49 in. 111-130 mph 9-12 ft. Category 4 EXTREME
Major damage to buildings;
mobile homes destroyed 27.17-27.90 in. 131-155 mph 13-18 ft. Category 5 CATASTROPHIC
Buildings, roofs destroyed;
all trees, shrubs, signs downed > 155 mph > 18 ft.

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