Special instructions

05/25/2010 2:11 PM

09/08/2014 5:40 PM

 Pregnant women in their last month or at high risk must ask their doctors if hospitalization is necessary. Most hospitals will not admit pregnant women without authorization from a physician. If approved, make arrangements for children; hospitals likely won't allow children or spouses to come along.

 Children should help with the storm preparations, which will allow them to talk about their fears and share in the family's responsibilities.

 Residents who need assistance with daily living or have electrically dependent medical equipment may need assistance evacuating. They must be registered with the appropriate county agency before the storm. They should contact their local emergency management office and request an application.

 For diabetics, find a cool place for insulin supply. It will keep safely for a month at 85 degrees. Diabetics should monitor their blood sugar more often during the emergency. Have candy or juice available for insulin reactions.

 Dialysis patients should make arrangements to have dialysis as soon as possible.

 Elderly residents of high-rises should not stay there if instructed to evacuate. Even inland, power failures after the storm could trap them.

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