Ana María Florin

01/06/2009 11:06 AM

12/18/2014 4:10 PM

It was November 27, 1967 when my mother ( now 83 years old), my father (now deceased) and I came to the United states via the Freedom Flight. We planned to come earlier, but the Bay of Pigs invasion delayed our plans since all flights were put on halt. I remember speaking the little English I learned in school to ask for water when I was in the plane. I had a British accent , and was quickly corrected by the flight attendant . I was just a teenager , everything was o.k. as long as I was with my parents. We stayed at the Freedom Tower for a couple of days and received winter clothes and plane tickets to go to New York where we had relatives. I will never regret coming the the United States. I value enormously the sacrifice my parent made leaving behind their parents, their possessions, their lives.

Ana María Florin ( Pérez)

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