Lincoln Rodon

12/17/2008 1:25 PM

12/18/2014 2:26 PM

Good Morning, First of all, I want to express my gratitude to you for providing this incredible data base. I think the possibilities of what can happen with this are unimaginable.

I tried finding my family and myself but was unable to. I tried every possible combination wihout success.

My family boarded a Pan Am flight on May 17th of 1967. We were 5 members in total: my dad (Lincoln Rodon Odio), my mom (Arline Legra Legra), my brothers (Carlos and Jose Rodon Legra) and me (Lincoln Rodon Legra).

If we are not in the data base, could you please inform me of anything that I can do to get my family added. Is there any documentation that I would need in order to have that happen. Please let me know. This is part of our heritage and a source of great pride, which I would love to share with my children and others.

Thank you, Lincoln Rodon

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